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  1. Irisai

    Ironfoe: How many runs did it take you?

    The second you stop caring about acquiring it is when it'll drop lol
  2. Irisai

    How to use managem without lag?

    I tried replicating this today and I didn't have any lag at all. Wish I could be of more help. :\
  3. Irisai

    Best professions while leveling a mage

    This is not true at all.
  4. Honestly in my opinion you shouldn't be able to whisper until 14, and send mail until 15.
  5. I understand your point Cross, but in reality the fact is that you can't even use the tome, and the rogue can. Why not just give it to him, or at least roll on it? Is it really that important to you to keep an item you can't even use, at the cost of someone else getting depressed/let down?
  6. This is intentional. Hinterlands and Searing Gorge don't acquire all the quests until 1.5.
  7. It works. I've seen some cool stuff on it too like Lionheart Helmet plans.
  8. Irisai

    Horde Mage AoE Leveling

    Greymane wall in Silverpine is a great spot for ~20. Basilisks in shimmering flats for ~30.
  9. Irisai

    Can mage to reach lvl 60 nonstop for 5 days?

    For sure. It'll cost you a part of your sanity though lol.
  10. Irisai

    Level 40 gold help!

    Spec Imp Blizzard and Permafrost and AoE profitable stuff like basilisks or turtles in shimmering flats.
  11. Irisai


    More of a macro -- but keybinding a stopcasting macro for Counterspell is one of the first things you should do. #showtooltip Counterspell /stopcasting /cast Counterspell That way if you're halfway through a cast of Fireball, you just hit counterspell, without having to move your character to interrupt the cast. As for other binds, it's really personal preference. I use 1-6 on the keyboard, other keys like R, T, V, Z, G, H, and Shift+A,S,D,W, Q, E, R, T etc to fill out the rest. I like using F1-F2-F3-F4 for buffs like Arcane Intellect.
  12. Irisai

    Money Maker?

    Honestly, even at higher levels, farming Briarthorn brings in decent money. People levelling can never get enough of the stuff, and it always sells.
  13. Irisai

    Alchemy to 150 and sudden stop

    Only certain trainers can push ya past 150. As the other guy stated, head to either Darnassus or Undercity to progress further.
  14. Kalmar has enviable patience.
  15. I can't tell if OP is trolling or not.