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  1. This hasn't been updated since February... something tells me it never will
  2. You start becoming "worth" killing because somewhere in the mid to upper level 40s, you give decent honor points to a level 60, especially one who is doing the pvp grind and needs every little point they can get. Anyone killing you below that point is mostly just killing you for fun.
  3. Lord Kazzak 1/1 http://realmplayers.com/GuildList.aspx?realm=Ely
  4. Muldreg

    R14 and PVP Updates.

    IIRC the armor/weapons should still update even if you have bought it already, but you should not have access to the new weapons that release in 1.11 without hitting R14 again. All your already purchased gear and armor should update. Unless the item ID change for the blue set when it goes from being lvl 58 gear to 60, this should be the case. Other items that players already own will get their updated stats when the AV patch hits Elysium, are items like Viskag getting updated for players who already own it? of course it will! why would this be any different for pvp gear? the only thing you shouldn't have access too are things not currently in this patch when they release later. You shouldn't need to regrind to R13 just to REPURCHASE the armor you already own. Your gear should be updated because you had already earned that.
  5. Muldreg

    Very long horde queue

    most alliance are probably capped on honor for the week, fastest queue times for horde are likely going to be Wednesday thru Sunday when all the alliance premades are queuing.
  6. Muldreg

    Multi-Box evidence

    please, report players using the ingame help menu.
  7. Muldreg

    Actual 2h hit cap?

    hmm well then I do not know :( I actually forgot that ZG opened on Darrowshire. it is good habit to clear your WDB folder frequently as the database changes with new patches (or if you change servers, as each server has its own database due to being on differect patches) Good luck on your testing. I am curious what you find, if you do in fact have 10% hit and are missing. edit: Looking at your Realmplayers you def have 9% from gear/talents.. so I'm curious what you find
  8. Muldreg

    Actual 2h hit cap?

    Have you tried clearing your WBD folder and making sure the items you're wearing have the actual stats you think they have? You mentioned having an Kronos downloaded client, it is very possible you have gear with stats on them that do not currently exist here. Only reason I am doubtful of this solution only because you mentioned ZG which is only out on Anathema so I assume the patch is just as far as a Kronos server, unless of course you have never bothered to clear your WDB at any point.
  9. Elysium and ZK are both on patch 1.3 Anathema is on patch 1.9 Just clarifying because you're not the first person who seems to think ZK is ahead of Elysium in the timeline for some reason.
  10. Muldreg

    PVP gear update

    patch 1.11, if they stick to the schedule it will be released September 2018. we are currently in patch 1.3 on Elysium, so you have lots of time to wait.
  11. Muldreg

    Monitor shuts down playing wow

    have you checked all of the connections on the back of your monitor and the port going into your GPU? this doesn't sound like a client issue if this just started happening today and you have not made any changes to your client.