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  1. Hoodie


    Will faction and race changes fall into the cosmetic catagory?
  2. I checked it for you, and it seems Skywoker is only 1.4 meters tall. Which means he is infact nowhere near the biggest alliance player
  3. Hoodie

    Losing access to email soon

    Bumping this, please help! I have access to the mailaccount till friday
  4. Hi there, I cannot find a way to change the email of one of my accounts in the settings. This is rather unfortunate because I will soon be losing access to that specific email due changing jobs Is there a possibility to have the email changed. or to have the character moved to another account?
  5. I think you get the wrong impression of the video. This is my first time playing warrior and I am obviously not 100% in tune yet, and its a learning experience. That also goes for the clips, I want to give people a feel of world pvp at the current patch, its not meant to impress. As an example the first clip against Frostitude shows him making a huge blunder by casting in my face after /rofl to me twice, that clip is included for comedy value not skill There are people who think the footage is great, and some think otherwise. I can certainly pick mistakes I make out by watching it myself The fights however arn't handpicked, everyone else around me has more or less equal (and sometimes better) gear In anyway I appriciate the feedback, check back later to see if you like newer iterations of the videos better:)
  6. Hate the game not the player. Only way to get honor right now is to kill players in the open world