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  1. I am planning on switching internet providers and therefore will lose the e-mail account that I used to create an account on Elysium. What can I do to switch to a different e-mail account? I do not use 2 step authenticator as I do not use a smart phone, so I hope that having 2 step is not part of the process to change to a new e-mail account.
  2. Qyou

    Raw Nightfin Snapper

    this may have been answered, but I just hit about 175 and was trying Feralas for nightfins with the +100 lure. I got there about 22:00 server time and per the loot schedule, I caught salmon and nightfins, at a ratio of about 3 to 1 (less than an hour fishing so stats are not perfect). I had no empty loot windows. I logged on a bit later, ~0:05 ST when only nightfins were supposed to drop, and almost immediately got empty loot windows -- maybe 20% of the time. But I was catching the normal amount of nightfin. Also I got 4 skill up points when no loot window showed up after a "catch". No loot, but skill ups. I suspect that the scripting is calling for a legitimate catch, but due to the time period, Salmon are not in the loot table, so no loot window is launched. But the skilling up shows that a catch is registered. So from this limited experience (about 40 minutes of fishing), I wouldn't worry about the missing loot windows as nightfins and skilling don't seem to be affected.
  3. Qyou

    Not enough

    If you played Feenix or other multiple x experience servers, you'll think that the time to level herbing and alchemy is too low. Its not, compared to original WOW. The higher server population, especially with a fresh start, caused problems -- everyone at the same level. But now that toons are spread out (hardcore at 60, causual lower), its becoming very blizzlike. I was able to spend a couple hours going back over herb routes in lower levels, at a 25 level toon, and get back to speed -- that is, being able to get herbs in my leveling zone. Now it's progressing smoothly. Not fast, but smoothly.