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  1. Cryogenicworks

    Horde retarded?

    I played on Horde, Alliance were relentless. I played on Alliance, Horde were relentless. Don't you see? It's a vicious cycle, and people like you eventually end up giving into the gank craze thus continuing said cycle.
  2. Cryogenicworks

    Herb respawn timers?

    It depends on the herb, since many share completely different timers. Although, if you do a full circuit and notice no additional herbs, then backtrack about 1/4th of the circuit before going back to the starting point. By then, you should be able to get additional herbs that may have been missed or fresh spawned as well as the herbs at the beginning. I tested this method before using the famous Westfall farming route, ended up reaching 100+ herb in less than an hour.
  3. Cryogenicworks

    Herb Node Map

    I'm sure it's possible, but with the add-on Cartographer, each herb you've ever clicked on since activating the add-on will be saved to your zone maps. It comes in handy after you've discovered herb nodes, for it allows you to plan grinding paths further down the line. Discovered a butt-load of Silverleaf and Bruiseweed spawns in Loch Modan this way.
  4. Cryogenicworks

    Server merges

    Today during the early morning (US East Coast), or European prime time, Elysium alone peaked at 9000 players. Zeth'kur reaches 4k very easily during prime time as well, while Anathema is almost always near 3-5k. I'd say this is a good sign, given servers with bigger population tend to make the whole game more worthwhile because of increased player interaction. Although a merge seems a little risky, since it could also de-stabilize Elysium if for some reason, it doesn't handle the large numbers during prime time.
  5. Cryogenicworks

    DC Bug Again...

    For the most part, it does happen quite often. However, it doesn't happen to the extent that it'd drive a massive amount of people away, seeing as 15000+ people play daily. Do keep in mind that DDoS attacks and other technical issues may occur, due to the recent issues.
  6. Cryogenicworks

    Trouble logging in

  7. Cryogenicworks

    DC Bug Again...

  8. Cryogenicworks

    Elysium Project: Moving Forward!

    Good news, we can proceed as planned with the project. Thank you all for the good work, and stay strong always.
  9. are threads regarding ninja-looters always this exciting?
  10. Cryogenicworks

    Mage Leveling Spec

    Just as the topic says, what seems to be the best mage leveling spec? This includes 5-man dungeons, questing and overall pvp experience. Frost seems to be the mainstream choice, but I was wondering if there is any other build focused moreso on Arcane or Fire.
  11. Cryogenicworks

    To all the lovely tauren ladies!

    I'm scared to roll tauren female now.
  12. This topic will always have one side calling the other side names or w/e, but it'd be easier to just specify to group members BEFORE instance runs the specifics about your preference with BoE items, whether it be need immediately or greed if someone 'needs' it. I think this would help prevent threads about people ranting about "HE NEEDED THIS AND I DIDN'T GET IT WAAAAAAAAAAAH." Do what you will with this comment, if anything at all.