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    Best Horde PvP guild?

    No, but it explains your behaviour very well. Average s-keying american that goes out of his way to defend a priest with stamina on boots + weapon chain.
  2. If people is afraid of getting roflstomped they can make their own premade or go do world pvp. It is not like there is lack of options. One thing that can somewhat fix the problem is making brackets. So 1-3 player queue bracket. 4-7 player queue bracket and 8-10 player queue bracket. But I do not think there is enough pvpers to support it.
  3. Parla

    Best Horde PvP guild?

    Im not defensive, im just throwing the facts on the table.
  4. Parla

    Best Horde PvP guild?

    Depends what they are fighting against. If they are against a warrior+hunter+mage+rogue+spriest. Good luck doing anything :)
  5. Parla

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    Dont make this happen to Elysium. Please.
  6. Parla

    Best Horde PvP guild?

    Only needed 6 rankers to take down 2 discipline priests. Hope you liked the double deathray. <3
  7. Parla

    Best Horde PvP guild?

    Your ingame name is QQSha - Your name here is QQSya. I do play horde main now and we beat everyone when we play. Can easilly make an alliance premade aswell if you dare to queue up, but you don't. And we did play with premades from time to time while ranking, ones better than the one you played in. Also is it true that you quit ranking at 12 because 1 solo warrior pushed your brackets up to high?
  8. Parla

    Best Horde PvP guild?

    Okay, so now I can armory you. Stamina on boots Weapon chain on you dagger Why stop at rank12? Make a premade and play instead of talking on forums.
  9. Parla

    Best Horde PvP guild?

    It has actually come up before and I was linked a test. However it turns out I am not autistic, I am just a superior player that judges from the outside. Anyone who is willing to corpsewalk 15 times in a row in Un'goro Crater however. However in the end it does not matter, good or bad. But aslong as you cannot admit that you are bad yourself, you will never become better. My first advice, don't roll a troll warrior.
  10. Parla

    Best Horde PvP guild?

    Sorry if I hurt your feelings.
  11. Parla

    Best Horde PvP guild?

    If you came from Zeth'kur you most likely got farmed the last few weeks of your ranking. However you post from a fake name like a little bitch, so who knows. So far I have seen 0 players that has really impressed me from Zeth'kur. The first few days when we had Caber+Friends contesting in crater we farmed him and his 5 friends with a team of 4 players. I lost a total of 5 games while ranking from 1-13. Probably less than what you lost a day. Bad player who picked the wrong race. Nice guy tho, I have to admit.
  12. Parla

    Demise of the Mafia

    There is no actual proof that this is not fabricated since its from discord.
  13. Its vanilla, all raids are faceroll my man.
  14. Blame the kids that cried and got the blue set changed.
  15. This was just a prank to make retards follow the guide, they would end up wasting 30 minutes on Elysium due to missing graveyards.
  16. Parla

    Zeth'kur PvP Drama

    You wont get a bracket 1 spot if you are from Zeth'kur don't worry. Maybe in 5-6 weeks.
  17. 1. Druid 2. Mage 3. Everyone else 4. The moron who enters wsg on a paladin with anything but holy spec. (Will usually bubble / mount while carrying the flag)
  18. <UGLY DWARF JUNGLE ARMY> however you need to have farmed Flubbah and also atleast gladiator in 3 seasons. If you are American you need 3 R1s because americans simply have lower average skill. Send screenshots to Phx as proof.
  19. People deffinatly gank less after they get their mounts.
  20. To be honest most people roll the faction their friends/guild decides to roll. I do have a have a horde character and we have done premades.
  21. There has been enough people complaining about this to make a premade of only whiners. Group up and have fun.
  22. We have had a 6 hour rollback and a 2 hour rollback since server started. It is not a regular thing. Alliance players mainly run premades while horde mainly pugs, so if you are horde you will play vs premades a lot. Leveling zones are packed but not full. You will have to wait for respawning mobs from time to time.