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  1. Into

    Playing in the US

    Actually now that I think about it I don't think that the hosting venue matters much as far as lawsuits. It would be nice to have a US hosted server, yes. I nominate Zeth'Kur to be the American one!
  2. Into

    Playing in the US

    Better latency in US/Canada would probably require hosting in US/Canada. That would be easier game for an American lawsuit from Blizzard, no? Maybe Bermuda or Mexico has good hosting...
  3. Into

    Playing in the US

    I had that with retail US. The difference between 10 ms and 100 ms is unnoticeable.
  4. Into

    Quitting the server - Rant

    I was bitter too when I was on Elysium (though many like it) due to same issues: latency and especially DCs and server shutdowns. Still, these are not reasons to leave the Elysium Project entirely. In fact, you said you desired a Vanilla experience and EP has a more Blizzlike server in terms of population. Zeth'Kur has none of these issues, mostly because of the lower population, and that's where I re-rolled.
  5. Of the person with a female name ending in -na, and with the female avatar? How sexist of her...
  6. Into

    Did it true?

    Ah OK, thanks! I just checked out their pops and see the only Cataclysm server is 1/6th the size of Zeth'Kur. I'm kind of amazed that far all the people who said that MoP and pandas were the end of WOW, that MoP is much more popular than Cata is as far as people actually wanting to go back there. Of course, I'm one of those people (re: pandas) but I also think that flying mounts and death knights killed WOW, and especially that blood elves killed the Horde. Guess that's why I only play Vanilla.
  7. Into

    #1 mage here, ask me anything

    Agreed that there's a lot you can improve (and we all can). Showing the opponents and your own teammates showed that you were on a good team, not that you are a good player. You may have had a single game where you had 1 more Killing Blow (literally just 1) than two other players on your team, but I'm guessing they're usually far above you if you screenshotted that one. They also have much higher ranks than you do. Anyway, congrats on rolling with a good team. That at least says your guild is good at this game even if you are meh (and hey, maybe you are above average! We don't really know from one pretty run-of-the-mill screenshot.)
  8. You'd be surprised how many unemployed people there are playing WSG all day (not even going to HS during the day) on Zeth'Kur right now. Haha. Don't worry, I am not one of them. Much agreed about the demographics though. The median age of WOW players in Vanilla was something around 23 (nearly half undergrad and HS students) and today it is probably 30 (maybe 25% undergrad and HS students). Just rough guesses.
  9. Into

    All characters gone?

    How many digits was your password? Anything 11 or less is easily hackable by a modern graphics card in less than a minute. But anything 15+ characters is likely unbreakable. 2FA is good, but whether you use it or not it's good to have a longer password.
  10. TOPKEK. Real Vanilla WOW was limited to 2.5k per server (one-sixth of what you claim) and PVP felt anything but "dead." Kids these days!
  11. Convince your friends to play on Zeth'Kur. It was literally created because so many people (like you, like me) really hate the overcrowded cesspool feeling of Elysium. I switched to ZK a week or two ago and it has been smooth sailing ever since! The server is much more stable too, with zero lag. There is noticeable lag on Elysium at times, by the way. None on Zeth'Kur at all. It's the smoothest WOW experience because it's Blizzlike. I also disagree with "the more the better" when you are getting to be 4X to 5X the size of retail Vanilla WOW's server limits. Nothing in Vanilla was designed for 8000 connections at once. But some people, like you, think this way and that's why it's nice that there is a different server for each way of thinking.
  12. Into

    Horde vs. Alliance @ 60

    BG queues are definitely faster on Alliance on any PVP server (ZK, Elysium, Anathema). You're correct in thinking that ZK has better uptime than Elysium. I played on Elysium and there were disconnects and server downtime nearly every day (and it's still the case now and will be for as long as it is overpopulated). ZK is almost never down.
  13. Into

    The Horde Bounty Board

    This part is hilarious. Maybe because I read forums from work and play from home, but it isn't that much energy to read the forums... kek!
  14. Into


    Happened again today. Happens more or less every day.
  15. Ally on any of the PVP realms (including ZK) will have better queue times at level 60. At level 17-19, there will be much faster queues and fuller games on Anathema than ZK (where people are just trying to level up quickly as the realm is new). But less of a difference at 60... and since we don't get any experience for BGs while leveling, it isn't "optimal" to queue for BGs on the way up. Anathema will have a lot more 17-19s just dicking around and in BGs tho, because they all have a few 60s already and don't need to level. They'll also have a ton of level 19 twinks tho (whereas there are zero on ZK on the way up) so just be prepared to die a lot.