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  1. CryingEnder

    Hellground oficially closed

    that's only a false excuse. I want hellground to prove me that they were closed by blizzard. look at warmane for example. they have 20k+ online on evenings and nothing happens. i played there for a while :) Hellground is just a bunch of idiots, if you want to play something good play on hellfire till a true TBC server will apear: warmane, ofc :)
  2. CryingEnder

    Help the Elysium players...

    An oscar for this guy.
  3. CryingEnder

    Elune's Spirit Guide (21/25/5 Night Elf Priest)

    Thank you :)
  4. CryingEnder

    Elune's Spirit Guide (21/25/5 Night Elf Priest)

    Hello. i follow you since you got only the first post and i made a priest, i rly like your build, but i have a question. Now i'm lvl 21. Should I finish the discipline or the holy tree first?