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  1. Basically since 1.5 launch leaf dint drop once for my guild. I also tend to see many benedictions and very few bows...WTH is going on? Could it be my uber bad luck or actually bad droprate?
  2. Either fix the issue or allow these marks to stay in mail for longer.I am losing 15 av marks as an example which very soon this is annoying.
  3. Basically i farmed thundering exiles and after 110+ kills i had only 7 drops...the droprate is supposed to be 16% and that is like 1/3 of it.
  4. These damn 5-10 hour avs are seriously abysmal.People cant act properly when in a big group it seems.Each av has at least 10 afk people doing nothing and the rest start fighting with no end forcing us to /afk and get a 15 min debuff. If you are horde learn to freaking backdoor and win the game and in any case never pvp in big endless group fights.
  5. Onesoul

    T2 stat updates on elysium/zeth kur

    That shows finalized stats.Basically my question if elysium is gonna follow blizzard updates or not.
  6. Basically I am asking if some player or even better somebody from elysium can provide info on which state T2 is gonna be upgraded on the coming 1.4+1.5 patch. I know T2 stats got updated twice and looked the differences.For example dragonstalker legs should be getting +2% hit on the first update and then 1% crit and 1% hit. Is this gonna be the case with the coming updates cause I would really love to plan my gearing perfectly as I am a min/max guy :)
  7. Onesoul

    Lost item

    I lost truestrike shoulders aswell ....that sucks sooo damn much.I find it HORRIBLE that they wont restore an item.I have a damn screenshot of me wearing it which clearly proves the truth.All they need is 5 mins of a gm time to check it.I dont understand why the policy is so retarted and really needs to change.
  8. Onesoul

    Item lost after Rollback

    Man that really sucks...anyway I ll wait for a gm responce.I am really gonna stop playing if I cant get the item back.
  9. Onesoul

    Item lost after Rollback

    I lost an item (Truestrike shoulders) from a UBRS run after a rollback happened due to DDoS.I tried to make a ticket but it doesnt seem to work.Also I have a screenshot of me with the item equiped and all as proof. http://imgur.com/a/Wwp5H