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  1. csant

    Ele shaman question

    I leveled up as Ele and picked up healing gear along the way. I've healed all the 60 instances w/o any issues. Now, I wouldn't try that raiding. lol
  2. I also think most people forget or never experience vanilla AV that took days to finish.
  3. That really doesn't apply to vanilla. It in TBC where horde racials really took off and pvp'rs went horde.
  4. csant

    Leveling a healer?

    Also stoneskin remove blind cuz in vanilla blind is a physical thing. Which is big versus rogues.
  5. The elysium crew should probably do something like warmane did and stop horde from creating new chars. give alliance some perks and what not.
  6. csant

    Very long horde queue

    Fuck grinding... if I wanted to play that type of game I would play BDO. The best you can do is not play solo, period. Make friends... ask if anyone wants to group up to knock out quests together.
  7. csant


  8. csant

    Someone Help Level?

    I leveled a Shaman recently and I went 1hd/shield enh spec. Tried 2hd but windfury is so RNG it really isnt fun. Now when you get 50's switch to Ele and now that is hella fun. Once you hit 60 look to switch to Resto if you want to raid. Good Luck.
  9. Cool.. I'll download it and start tonight.
  10. well, now you can't walk 100 feet w/o running into multiple hordies and while that would be great otherwise on a pvp server. it kinda sucks here because you can't complete stuff "solo" you have to be in a group.
  11. I am almost willing to bet it has been a while. People also need to realize while it is easy to level up horde solo, its not on alliance. Granted if you have some friends to level up with the experience is different.
  12. wtf you talking about? undead has the best casting animations in the game. The fact that he is a boomkin outplaying these on video is a big +. Boomkins are hard to master.
  13. csant

    Boomkin with good gear = ownage?

    Check the video section there is a boomkin video posted. Boomkins are hella fun but hard to play in vanilla. You have so many skills to use and have to master kiting and shifting to not burn all ur mana. Very fun class but not newb friendly.
  14. csant

    Shaman Questions

    Get the 2hd mace from Uldaman (rockpounder i believe its call).
  15. There is no more fun then making gankers in STV log off.