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  1. Josipbroz

    Development Update 14.10.2017

    The Elysium realm runs on the latest version of the core, which includes a fully scripted AQ and Naxx. Through a simple switch in the core's config, we can set the patch of the realm (which disables the ability for normal players to enter these zones). So yes, that change is currently useless for the realm Elysium, but the same software will be also applied to the other realms asap and will of course be useful for Elysium once we switch the patch to 1.9. Best regards!
  2. Josipbroz

    Josip Broz = Dobar Skroz ?

    That's right :D
  3. Josipbroz

    Elysium PvP: Temporarily removed items

    Depends on when it was removed. If it was removed by the new progression system, then it will be mailed back. If not, then you won't get it back. By the way: It does not matter if a removed item gets re-added back in like 1 year. Databases are built after all to store data reliably. Best regards!
  4. Dear community, As you already know, Patch 1.7 is launching tomorrow on Elysium PvP, and with it the latest version of our database. With this update, some of the items which were supposed to be available at a later patch, which were already available by mistake, will be temporarily removed from all players and will be mailed back once the appropriate patch launches. Here's a list of those items: Juno's Shadow Blue Dragonscale Leggings Green Dragonscale Gauntlets Hive'Zora Silithid Brain Glyphs of Calling Deadwood Ritual Totem Winterfall Ritual Totem Formula: Minor Mana Oil Formula: Lesser Wizard Oil Formula: Lesser Mana Oil Formula: Wizard Oil Formula: Minor Wizard Oil Recipe: Smoked Sagefish Rumsey Rum Dark Rumsey Rum Black Label Recipe: Sagefish Delight Recipe: Elixir of Greater Firepower Left Piece of Lord Valthalak's Amulet Top Piece of Lord Valthalak's Amulet Extra-Dimensional Ghost Revealer Dragonskin Cowl Friendship Bread Thanks for your understanding! Best regards, Elysium staff.
  5. Josipbroz

    Q&A 10.10.2017

    good idea Yes, that's a good idea... the only issue is that I don't think that anyone has managed yet to properly implement battlegroups and apparently some very fundamental stuff around the core would have to be rewritten. I am not 100% sure though, that's just what I heard.
  6. Josipbroz

    Xiao win-trading

    There must've been a misunderstanding... but this forum section is intended for suggestions. If you notice anything disallowed happening ingame, then report it to a GM via ingame ticket and provide enough evidence if you can.
  7. Josipbroz

    Q&A 10.10.2017

    To be completely honest... we feel that Darrowshire has already a decent community (Alliance side only though), but many people will disagree with this. I would say that once the time is up for merges, we'd ask the Darrowshire community what they really want (not only just for/against merges, but other options... maybe transfers from/to Darrowshire? etc.) I would personally like to see a PVE TBC realm launching with the PVP realms at the same time (where vanilla players can choose can if they wanna copy to pve or pvp), but we are not sure how many people will be there to support this. So yeah, regarding merges and TBC realms, everyone is free to make suggestions. We want to make as many players happy as possible.
  8. Josipbroz

    Q&A 10.10.2017

    If Darrowshire can maintain a decent population (and if its population wishes it), we'll leave it alone (that's why we said maybe Darrowshire). Or if there is a big interest for a fresh PVE realm we'd do it. Basically everything depends on whether there are enough people interested in X.
  9. Josipbroz

    Q&A 10.10.2017

    No?? The overwhelming majority of this community joined Nostalrius/Elysium to play on vanilla... and vanilla only. There will be quite a lot of people rolling on TBC, but it won't generate as nearly much hype as Nostalrius could. The vanilla realm will stay stable and new people will be joining there. Anathema is a whole different situation, where we have another vanilla realm option, which is better for newer players. This issue won't exist in the future. Not everyone wants to play Vanilla. And even if the vanilla realm did start to "rot", just making a fresh realm won't magically save it.
  10. Josipbroz

    Q&A 10.10.2017

    We're not planning to release a fresh server at this time... but the vanilla realm will simply stay. TBC will be launched on 2 fresh realms (which can be easily merged together) and players from Vanilla will get the possibility to copy over their chars.
  11. Josipbroz

    Q&A 10.10.2017

    Where did you read that? :o We'll never get rid of Vanilla and still put most of our efforts in it.
  12. Josipbroz

    Q&A 10.10.2017

    Ignore what he told you. We won't be just re-releasing CroggeServer, but would rather expand our own core. Maybe some parts of it could be used though (like some good scripts or fixes).
  13. Josipbroz

    Q&A 10.10.2017

    Dear Community, Here are the answers for some frequently asked questions to the team: Q: "When is Patch 1.9 coming to Darrowshire?" A: We're aiming for a release at the end of October. Internal testing has already started. NOTE: Once the patch goes live, we will also add the new progression system to Darrowshire, which will remove ALL items actually in unreleased patches. The same applies for Elysium once Patch 1.7 gets released! But don't worry: all removed items will be send back via ingame mail when the patch, where they were supposed to be added, goes live! Check this out for more info: https://github.com/elysium-project/server/pull/3088 Q: "As a developer with some experience in C++ what is the best way I can contribute to Elysium?" A: As we are an open source project, you can directly contribute to our emulator here: https://github.com/elysium-project/server The emulator itself is based on the MaNGOS emulator and most of the documentation available for Mangos is also valid for the Elysium Core. You can also join our public development discord here: https://discord.gg/YNbPA6y. That being said, we're also planning on adding core-specific guides and information about the Elysium Core. Q: "Has the new Australian sysadmin been given Sysadmin aka restart button powers yet? When can we expect more sysadmins? There was a 2 hour 55 Min downtime today because nobody was there to hit restart button." A: Giving someone access to our infrastructure requires immense trust. There is a very long vetting period as well for new members. We are in the process of acquiring new hardware where proper access control and log retaining will be setup. This is a very much needed step before we start granting access to someone new to the team. We have decided not to implement any of these changes on our 'legacy' infrastructure (the current servers) as we are focusing entirely on the new setup which should reduce downtime by a lot. Read also the below question for further information. It's up to the developers to fix the actual crashes and software. Q: "Any progress on getting the server to recognise it has crashed / frozen? Freezing seems to be happening almost every day on Elysium and its getting very frustrating to know 99% of the time a restart will fix it, but it is not yet automated." A: The server will always restart in case of a crash, but depending on the crash this can take from a couple minutes to a couple hours to dump the core. That being said, the occurence of long-lasting crashes has been significantly reduced over the course of the last couple weeks and we're continously improving performance and stability. Q: "What is the thought process of the Elysium Staff with respect to 'Blizzlike' vs 'Functional' rhetoric, specifically in cases like PvP where you try to make re-spec prices lower to increase interest, but don't intend to upgrade any of the PvP reward gear until patch 1.11." A: We are doing our best to keep a reasonable compromise between blizzlike and making the current gameplay experience interesting and challenging. We would never consider to make a change, which would remove the blizzlike feel. Q: "Now that Crestfall and Elysium are co-oping. Will the new 'Crestfall' realm be still be VPN banned or have they changed their mind on that?" A: Yes. Crestfall is sticking to their original goals. Q: "Is there a plan to get people out of Mangos and slowly join the CF core?" A: Not at the moment. Q: "Any updates on the server funds situation? Do you have any need to put out the call for more donations again?" A: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/53358-new-hardware-funds/ Q: "Regarding TBC: will it be one realm where everybody goes or will there be three (one for each we have now)?" A: Our current plan is to launch two PVP realms at the same time with the same patch and progression, where all players will be able to copy over their characters. The realms will be designed in a way, that they can be easily merged together if necessary. For example there won't be any name conflicts. Q: "Is anything planned for population decline on Anathema and Darrowshire such as merges?" A: Yes. We will accelerate the timeline for Elysium and after the Naxxramas race is over, we will merge Elysium and Anathema (and maybe Darrowshire). This will all happen before the release of the TBC realms! On this occasion, we would like to thank our developer brotalnia for implementing the new progression system. We would also like to give a big thanks to our other developers and Open Source contributors for their continued work and support! That's all from us for now! Best regards, Elysium Staff
  14. Josipbroz

    A suggestion

  15. Currently what we're aiming for is that everyone starts at the same point, but we haven't fully discussed and decided anything about the TBC release yet. We're just focussing on development atm.