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  1. In my experience its usually the other way around. You search for NA raiding guilds , asking people around, talking to their class leader/guild master and then visit their website and make a good application. The only thing im actually concerned is how are you not familiar with these steps if you were in a raiding guild. Is it that much different on retail?
  2. those players still have the items btw so the purge never happened. (on realmplayers and in game also)
  3. I'm also on the quest, feel free to msg me. Same name as forum.
  4. All righty im satisfied. Also thanks for the complete list.
  5. Explain this then: http://realmplayers.com/ItemUsageInfo.aspx?realm=Ana&item=23198 http://realmplayers.com/ItemUsageInfo.aspx?realm=Ana&item=23197 http://realmplayers.com/ItemUsageInfo.aspx?realm=Ana&item=22399
  6. they really think the majority of the community cant see their bullshitting? :)