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    Spinal Reaper to Holy Paladin

    Earthshaker and Spinal Reaper are generally for pvp. That is to say, regardless of who you give it to, it doesn't really push up the raid dps. So giving it to anyone who happens to want it for whatever purpose is fine as long as they're going to use it. For BRE however you can at least make an argument that a 2H fury warr would be able to utilize it the best.
  2. Pwnana

    Sword or Dagger for leveling?

    Combat swords levels by far the fastest. With any other spec you either have to waste time running and stealthing around to get in the openers and backstabs as well as miss out key talents that flat out improve your white dps in combat. Everything else is more for pvp than pve. And rogue does quite well enough in pvp even without gimping your leveling for it.
  3. Pwnana

    Leveling a healer?

    Paladin if you plan to pvp heal a lot I'd say. Other than that Priest is probably your best bet and probably the most fun especially since you haven't played one yet. Remember that on alliance a Dwarf priest is quite clearly superior to the other races due to getting Fear Ward as racial priest skill. I'd recommend picking up Wand Specilization from Discipline and Spirit Tap from Shadow as your first priest talent points since they make leveling much eeasier. After that just pick whatever way you want to go, Holy if you want a Smite/heal spec, Shadow if you want the maximum possible damage and to obtain the Shadow Form without respeccing. You can heal the 5 man dungeons even if you don't spend any of your talent points lol. At L40 you can and should get Shadow form by putting 31 pts into Shadow tree. It will up your dps a lot and make the journey to 60 smoooth.
  4. Pwnana

    Quel'serrar as a DPS weapon?

    Most of your damage comes from white hits, so Quel is much better than Axe of the Deep Woods, UNLESS you're an orc in which case it may be a closer call. I'd still use Quel even in that case. In any case, it's certainly not worth sperging over.
  5. Pwnana

    Thrash Blade or Krol Blade

    Can the proc rate really be this low? I remember it being much closer to 5% than 2%, which created some nice situations with Sword Specialization. This is crushingly disappointing indeed, and if correct then there is absolutely no question whatsoever that Krol Blade is better, and by far (not that there is much of a question anyway).
  6. Pwnana

    Very long horde queue

    How lame. If you think you'll do horde 1-60 faster than ally 50-60 you are deluded. There are many grinding spots where you won't be bothered much. If you insist on doing the most popular questing zones during top server times then of course you will be ganked, a lot. Also, as if the server needs more horde... Plus since you state that you want to pvp at 60 rerolling horde makes zero sense in any case. Remember that you can get XP from quite a lot lower level monsters, and kill lots of them quickly with little downtime. So if you find even ONE 50+ grinding spot where you won't be constantly bothered you can level there pretty much up to 60. (or 58 after which you can easily level just doing the endgame dungeons)
  7. I warned about this like a month ago (when I stopped playing on Darrowshire myself) but was shut down. Out of all the servers only Elysium is fully vibrant now - Anathema is "ok" but getting worse. This is creating the opposite incentive than the one that allowed Nost PVE to flourish - mainly that the people who want to keep playing vanilla here are attracted to Elysium which is nowhere near full and easily the server with the brightest future, and away from Darr/Ana/ZK(RIP). All the servers need to be rolled into one, the sooner the better, to keep the project healthy and the community intact. Basically the Zeth'Kur treatment. Need to learn something from Blizzard's mistakes, like trying to breathe life into a gazillion dead/nearly dead servers for ages and ages and letting the situation persist. It just very simply doesn't work that way and what will in actuality happen is that the communities keep dwindling because people are having a bad time playing an MMO as solo game since they can't find groups - and thus move on to bigger and better things.
  8. Pwnana

    Leveling dilema

    Try out Combat Daggers, it's a fun spec for duo leveling/pvp and won't gimp you too much. I guess it'd look like something like this at L30: 0/21/0 with the Dagger Specialization up next obviously. Of course, it'll do nothing to help your slow stealth though.
  9. Pwnana

    Leveling dilema

    Combat is huge mainly for the +5% hit you get very early on in the tree. This, as well as the Dual Wielding Specialization, makes a truly gigantic DPS difference for a Dual Wielding class. Trust me, you don't want to respec at low levels after starting with combat talents. I'm sure you're already frustrated with the high miss chance rogues have without any +hit items available until very high levels. Not having the talent makes it very intolerable. Also, once you get Blade Flurry and Adrenaline Rush, you'll never feel like "an inferior warrior" again since you can wreck people several times faster and more effectively than they can.
  10. Pwnana

    Spinal Reaper or The Unstoppable Force?

    Spinal is way better... Higher top end dmg for MS/WW/Overpower, quite a bit higher dps and better talent for pvp with the +5% crit (+3 in comparison to TuF). TuF is only better if you happen to get insanely lucky with the mace spec and TuF procs. Spinal in any other case. I would never use TuF if I had Spinal. The proc on Spinal is HUUUGE for pvp as well. 20 rage bro.
  11. Pwnana

    Upcoming PvP Update

    Your argument makes zero sense since the gold farming methods that worked in vanilla have been nerfed on the server. Thus you can make less gold here than on vanilla due to non-blizzlike changes. That's why you have to adjust things like respec costs because people are short on gold or have to farm untold hours for it. Would I prefer the previous non-blizzlike changes reverted instead? Yes. But since that's not going to happen, we need stuff like this. I view this ais a positive change while the former was a negative one, althought they are both changes in the wrong direction in general,.
  12. Pwnana

    Upcoming PvP Update

    LOL at people crying about this change as if it was a removal of Charge from warriors. No core mechanic of the game was touched in any way, they just took a minor 25g dump on some people obsessively running suboptimal hybrid specs (i'm looking at you dr00ds). For 99% of the people this is a good change since they havent' been able to gold-/timewise pvp and pve properly every week. Apart from that, it changes next to nothing... That said, I'm generally speaking skeptical of non-blizzlike changes, but it's not like this is the only one on the server and at least I can see the point for improving the pvp scene in this one. Very different than for example the non-blizzlike changes to popular vanilla farming spots.
  13. The main problem here is that occasionally you kind of have to use the boat in Menethil Harbour, so you can't fully avoid the place unless you always happen to have a friendly 50+ mage on call for a nearly free portal. So if some obsessive-compulsive is camping the harbour as their life mission it can make life extraordinarily difficult.
  14. At 60 once you don't have to stay in Neutral zones to level anymore you'll mainly get the occasional wpvp at the dungeon entrances like BRM and Dire Maul as well as popular flightmasters. So yes it does calm down, after you're max level. Other than that, not really - there's almost always some incentive to kill players of the opposing faction. It's especially grievous at 50+ when the 60's have a reason to gank you for honor.
  15. It's an addiction if you're for example a PvP ranker obsessively doing bg's day in day out, always feeling like you have to do that ONE more to get closer to your desired rank. But apart from that idk, I've never really gotten addicted to the game. I always play less than 10 hours during the week, more on the weekends if I have time. On some days I don't play at all when I just don't feel like it. I most certainly don't obsess over it, play it compulsively or constantly think about it. For me it's just a fun game. If you are developing an addiction you might have addictive personality, in which case you can get seriously hooked on almost anything, of course, including video games and should seek some help in general.
  16. Pwnana

    Fun in UBRS

    Lionheart Helm
  17. Pwnana

    Level 40 gold help!

    Tigers and stuff in STV drop gray item that sells for a lot to vendor. Just grind those like everyone else does. Other than that there are some elementals in Arathi etc that you can go for, but they're not that plentiful and there are usually other people farming them. The Rock Elementals in Badlands might make you some gold as well and there are many spots to grind them so that's highly recommended. If you had herbalism or mining you could really make a killing in Alterac Mountains, but since you're already 200+200 in your profs it's pointless and a giant waste of time to start leveling those now.
  18. Pwnana

    Help Deciding a Class

    Warlock is far less played, so much more in demand. Especially on alliance side. Mage is the most played class because it's very simple to level and farm with.
  19. Pwnana

    DM Farming - Still Possible?

    It's very much possible but these days there are custom changes (non-blizzlike) on the server to discourage it. Mainly, the mobs drop less stuff, I think book spawn locations have been heavily nerfed (can't confirm 100%) and the patrols move super fast in comparison to blizzlike (which means you'll get destroyed by them more often, or have to wait a long time to make pulls... net result=gold per hour much less). I view all these changes as incredibly negative, since farming this dungeon was one of the chief ways people were making gold for consumables, flasks and such back in retail. Nerfing it is practically encouraging gold buying - it was perfectly fine as it was AND not broken in any way.
  20. L-O-L You do realize that when you provide players with a clear motive to farm honor on lower level players, like is the case with Horde pvp rank pushers in 50+ zones it turns into a completely different issue than random ally ganking for fun or revenge in STV. The fact that you don't realize the difference here is just a testament to the fact that you have absolutely _no idea_ what is going on in the world pvp scene on this server.
  21. It's bad, but not as bad as you make it out to be. You just have to use your brains a little. Try to do stuff outside of the most popular questing areas. Also at level 50ish you can still gain semi-decent XP from even L45 mobs, so you don't have to go to those 50+ zones at the absolute minimum required level. Protip: there are a few REALLY good spots with L45ish mobs for alliance to grind.
  22. Pwnana

    Development Update 24.05.2017

    If you can't farm as a mage without Arcane Explosion being bugged with Clearcasting, you are doing it wrong. I've farmed such a crapton of gold in DM:E that it's obscene and I've rarely if ever needed AE or Clearcasting
  23. Pwnana

    How are Druids in world pvp?

    It's fine but feral druid lacks the really high damage openers of rogue (imp. ambush) and the several second control/interrupt elements like cheap shot, kidney shot, blind and kick. This makes them quite bad gankers as it takes a while to kill people and most of that time they are running loose unleashing hell on the squishy you. You will also be royally screwed if a rogue catches you in cat or travel form. He'll waste you super fast. It sounds like what you want is a rogue. Of course if you just stealth around in cat ganking lower level players druid goes just as well. It's also overall a decent class in pvp since it's pretty easy to run away from too hard encounters and stuff with the shapeshifting freeing you of roots etc.
  24. You can only easily reach those roofs with a mount if i recall. So engaging in world pvp primarily against people without mounts (as is the common case for alliance in Darkshire), you are in fact safespotting against them. Or so it would seem to me, even if in theory or practice the guards can reach you in some cases.
  25. Don't do the most popular quests referenced in all the guides. Find a quiet grinding spot and only do the quests there , or grind some mob that is not a quest mob. You can also get together a team of 3-5 and do some dungeon for XP and loot, it's a fun way to level and a great alternative to wandering around Azeroth getting ganked. The L60 horde gank in every single 50+ zone for honor while they are in BG queues. They're mostly around the FPs and most frequent questing areas. For Un'goro this is the northern/northeastern part of the zone as well as the devilsaur spawns. For almost every zone it's the same, a few areas where almost all the gankers and questers tend to congregate. There are other places you can go to, for example in Tanaris and Un'goro the bug lairs are almost always empty of all players, becayse they are a bit harder to kill and not many quests involve em. Great places to grind. Took me 3 hours to make it from 50 to 51. But I agree the ganking is totally out of control. You should not be constantly facing high ranked L60 players while trying to quest at level 50ish. It is totally ruining the leveling experience especially on the alliance side and is nothing like it was in retail vanilla. They need to close new character creation on horde side for a month or so to bring the factions closer to parity or alternatively allow horde vs. horde battlegrounds.