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    Priest Leveling Guide

    I healed 5mans (incl. DM, strath, brd) without much problems using this build. While leveling, I kept any +heal gear i could find, so i had a "healing set" to help me through the dungeons. I also made myself some +shadow gear so i could farm more efficiently. While farming felcloth and demonic runes in Felwood i could chain pull 7-10 satyrs before needing to sit down for mana. That way you can start gathering your pre raid gear for shadow or holy, depending on your wishes. I respecced holy when i started raiding and still sometimes respec to shadow, just for the fun of it.
  2. this seems like a good strategy, hope staff see this and implement it
  3. Lju

    Darrowshire Deadmines bug???

    working as intended, minions unsummoning when master is killed was a bug which was fixed recently
  4. Lju

    Darrowshire disenchant bug

    i have a bug with disenchanting, if i click the item in loot window, the window doesnt close, and item is still visible. It is actually looted, and in my bag. I just can't close the window, unless i move or click x. i do use loot window auto position addon, and haven't tried disabling it if ppl not using the addon expirience the same, a bug report should be made on github