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  1. Hello my Hunter-friends =) I have a Cat as Pet, and I'm not sure about the skills. My Cat can Bite and Claw. Bite has a CD, Claw not, and Claw uses less Focus then Bite. My Cat uses Bite as first attack, and then only uses Claw, even if the CD of Bite is down, because claw uses less focus. What should I do? Should my Cat only use Bite? Or ONLY use Claw (makes less dmg)? Or should I let it use both?
  2. Hello ppl! Some of you might know the "realmpop"web where you can see the Realmpopulation of every official server, how many of wich class are playing there, and how many of every race. Is ther something about this realm? (And maybe I need another thread for this, but, where is the PvE Server? I remember there was a PvP, and PvE Server, and all my Chars where on the PvE-Server so now I cant play them anymore =/)
  3. Raenerys

    Disconnected from server all the time

    I dont use any addons ^^ but thx, it works fine now
  4. Raenerys

    Disconnected from server all the time

    Nighthaven! But now no disconnects for 2 hours now. Only the latence is rising soetimes but falling back to normal after a few minutes
  5. Hello guys! I played yesterday for some hours and there was no problem. Now I logged in this morning, and got 5 disconnects in about 10 minutes. Any suggestions?
  6. Raenerys

    What spec should i make my hunter?

    I just did this, what are you guys thinking? https://classicdb.ch/?talent#cE0h0ggRtVLZI
  7. Raenerys

    Mail icon not shown

    When I have new ingame-mail the Icon for unread letters is not shown for me. Instead sometimes when I don't have new mail it shows up for a minute or two.
  8. Raenerys

    Guildinvite not possible

    Hello Elysium-team =) I'm playing on the PvE-Server, my Char is Lenne (Rogue). I got an invite to a Guild, but I decliened. Since then no one else can invite me to another Guild, because it always says "Lenne already been invited to a Guild". Even the Guild-Part when I press "o" is grey and not clickable. What to do?