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  1. Peo

    cant connect to server.

    must've fixed itself as I can now connect.
  2. Peo

    cant connect to server.

    wierd cause theres no emergency maintenance and its showing that the server is online
  3. Peo

    cant connect to server.

    just tried deleting my wtf folder and it didnt work, just tried logging back in after putting back deleted wtf folder with old wtf folder and nothing. still stuck on connecting screen.
  4. Hello, So as of 6:40 am (7 minutes ago of this post) my game froze and upon restarting my came could not get past the connected screen. I tried restarting my modem as well as waiting 5 minutes. It will say connected until disonnected from server pops up
  5. Hello everyone, just lvling my first Character on Elysium with friend(s), come join the chat and chill at twitch.tv/pewpewitspeo
  6. Some have also been mind controlled to the castle north of sen'jin village, and the fishing trainer into the ocean.
  7. So I started up a new character, got the first 5 lvls down and I went to go to Sen'jin village and all the quest giving/handing in npcs are all gone. After sitting here for a few minutes a 60 hunter walked up and told a group of us that all the npcs had been Mind controlled over to the southern islands. Just wondering if there is a way to reset/keep them in the spot they're supposed to be