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  1. Run to your safe spot, millenial.
  2. You're probably gay. You have my sympathy.
  3. Exactly my point. But you really shouldn't be name calling an entire community (toxic, incompetent jerks) just because someone doesn't have your point of view. That makes you the jerk. Jerk.
  4. Truckerman

    Can this stop?

    It delayed me so I logged on my 22 redridge twink to gank to stay productive. A few slaughters and a huntard 6 lvls above me dead and I came back and FP was back.
  5. Truckerman


    This is a fantastic change! Otherwise 60 is unplayable.
  6. Its just a game bro dont be so depressed. None of this will last especially on a pserver. Also, I think the team does a wonderful job. But they are human, though sometimes they work so tirelessly it makes me wonder! :] -Outnumbered
  7. Interesting, my alt is level 42 right now. I'll keep my eyes peeled for you. When I see you, expect a swift gank.
  8. Truckerman

    Emalina - fake ninja story.

    No one cares bro
  9. Truckerman

    Hello I am a new pvper

    Oh stop. Spending 10 minutes in Q only to get steamrolled for 10-20 games by premades isn't fun. This is a great change and I'll definitely be playing my 60 more now.
  10. Truckerman

    Hello I am a new pvper

    Sounds neat. Sounds like you guys are good friends, the 4 of you, good friends.
  11. Truckerman


    Without a doubt, our education system has failed.
  12. Truckerman

    Decided to make a PVP video

    Can confirm this dude is a badass. Did a few BGs with him and we were tearing them apart. -Outnumbered
  13. 19s at Redridge will mean lots of Red's for you. You won't handle the constant outnumbering. Not to mention, the run to Redridge will take an hour and that will get real old since the BG's port you back to the city.
  14. I'll take my 263 ganks in an evening, my constant rage whispers I recieve, and the rage that I cause for the Alliance over your twink vs twink WSG. This Wpvp is addicting and few have found it to this degree. Redridge is everything stv is but better.
  15. 19s bracket are full of twinks. You'll spend all that time and energy only to be destroyed by BiS twinks. I highly suggest twinking at 22. You can easily reach 1600 hp and live in Redridge Mountains. Hundreds of Alliance to kill and they're all questers with greens/whites. Much funner. -22
  16. Truckerman

    Horde or Alliance?

    Both sides are very even. Go ahead and make that dwarf priest. Just watch your back in Redridge Mountains because I live there. -22
  17. I think higher of him than I do of you.
  18. He's going to wake up and instead of taking his dog out on a walk he will instead resolve tickets submitted by players. A few hours later of free labor and now you want details about this stuff too. When does it end? Give them a break. I don't like you, so I hope you don't have an alt in Redridge because if you do I will camp you silly. -Lolumadyet 22
  19. Hey jerks, these guys are volunteers giving away their free time to run this for your benefit. They could use that time on their families, job, etc instead they use it to serve ungrateful players like you. How about you stop complaining and thank them, and if you really don't like what's happening then try to become part of the staff and make an impact or donate to fund some of the future projects. Sitting here complaining about the same garbage over and over again gets tiring for everyone (especially them I imagine). For real, the fact that you can play a game 15 years old to live out your nostalgia is amazing. The fact that its free is generous. The fact that theres people willing to volunteer to keep the project above the water is wonderful. Show some damn gratitude people and quit the bashing and QQ.
  20. Truckerman

    Alliance vs Horde (New Player)

    Alliance have fewer players because I keep ganking them in Redridge, thus, they cannot level past 22+ -Lolumadyet 22
  21. Why not just make a donation to help? That would go further than a shirt will ever go.
  22. If you're going to call something stupied, at least don't sound stupied yourself. Good grief! Is this what our public education system produces?
  23. Truckerman

    Is there a list of gankers?

    Wow, that is so unfair. I have been ganking mercilessly for months now in hopes of someone calling me out on the forums. Damn, that guy is a winner.
  24. Stonetalon can be brutal sometimes. Every week it seems a bunch of 60s assemble and the warlock summons Doomguards and Infernals. And they just run around the entire town killing FP, guards, and 1 shotting lowbies. But honestly, I'm making a twink lvl 22 just for Redridge. I don't have enough time on my hands to be competitive at 60 so I'll just stick to Redridge because its a blast!