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    Worth changing?

    Darrowshire welcomes you!
  2. Funktion1

    Music Thread

  3. You're going to want to choose alliance for ease of building groups (Darrowshire is about 75% alliance, 25% horde) Always need dwarf priests, but if that's not your style just play whatever you want and be good at it! You'll find a team who can make use of your talents :)
  4. Funktion1

    Coming Back, How Are Things?

    I didn't know Deadmau5 played on Elysium xD jokes aside welcome back :)
  5. Funktion1

    Which realm?

    Darrow is best
  6. Also, if this happens, you get your money back right? So you're not out anything (minus maybe a bid deposit? not sure if that's even a thing in WoW). If it was vital that you won the auction, use the buyout function.
  7. Congratulations guys. Watched live on Raserisk stream.
  8. I think some sort of balance would be best for everyone's interests. Not sure how difficult it would be to implement, but I really like the idea of world buffs only during Darkmoon Faire.
  9. Funktion1

    Just plain bad RNG

    I hate this kind of person. Sorry that happened to you. Although my luck was awful when it comes to Zulian Tiger, I've been fairly fortunate when it comes to other rare mounts. I got Ashes of A'lar during BC as a reward for being a loyal main tank. Other low droprate mounts I've farmed I got pretty quick. Never decided to farm for Baron Rivendare's until WotLK but I got it in like 10 runs or something like that. Took less than a whole afternoon :D
  10. Funktion1

    Caught by comcast

    Yep same happened to a friend. Just stop seeding and you'll never hear from them again.
  11. Funktion1

    Just plain bad RNG

    I started raiding ZG in retail with my guild when it was released in September of 2005. I maybe missed a few runs during vanilla but I was in school so I was able to raid consistently. Never saw a Zulian Tiger. After vanilla passed and we got TBC, I never stopped farming ZG with a few friends, 2 lockouts per week. I continued doing this through WotLK and eventually Cataclysm. Thought I would inevitably get it, all I have to do is be persistent! Well, after 6 full years of farming ZG tiger boss, my dreams were shattered on April 26th, 2011. cataclysm patch 4.1 brought revamped versions of Zul'Gurub, and Zul'Aman raids. Initially I was ecstatic! Until I learned the mount was to be removed- lost to history. 6 full years of Zul'gurub lockouts. Let's be gentle and assume I missed about 50 resets in that 6 year period, due to real life circumstances or prior obligations. Minus those 50 resets I still farmed ZG over 540 times in 6 years. And never once saw a Swift Zulian Tiger. (Saw 3 raptors in that time, but as I asked my friends to reserve the tiger, the raptors all went to them. RIP me.)
  12. Keep on doing the lord's work ! But really I think it would be cool to see speed runs with world buffs vs no world buffs. Interesting possibilities!
  13. Change makes no sense. If you don't want world buffs don't use them. Guilds that have already cleared without using them have clearly shown that they can do it, if they want to do it more, there's no one stopping them from A: not getting world buffs or B: right clicking world buffs they accidentally acquired. /thread
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    Really sorry to hear that happened after all the work you put in, but like Mervil said, they won't touch this.
  15. I'm not sure on the specifics, but I think if you physically sit parts of the server on US soil there will be legal issues.
  16. I would like for the community to be united. But I'm not sure that one server is the answer. 10,000 people is a very uncomfortably high number to be running around in Outland. Personally I'd like to see 1 PvP as well as 1 PvE server. We'll just have to wait and see how it shakes out.
  17. Funktion1

    Arcane Spirit Power (exploiting the 5 Second Rule)

    Must say, I have no input to further your theory, but do I find this type of rotation much more interesting/satisfying or even 'realistic' in terms of how a truly magical creature such as a priest or mage or warlock would think of their spells and abilities. I doubt an actual spellcaster would want to burn through their entire mana pool ASAP with one type of spell (frostbolt, firebolt, shadowbolt, etc), but rather would think of their tool kit in terms of longevity and efficiency. So, from a character fantasy point of view, which is one I think developers considered with greater weight back in the early days, your take on it makes a lot of sense. This was a great read. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.
  18. Funktion1

    First time connection issue

    Hey all, First time attempting to connect to a private server here. Things were going smoothly until I launched the game and hit the login screen. I entered my username and password correctly and it prompted me to make two choices. I selected 'Normal' server and 'PvE' I believe and the server it matched me to was the Internal QA server. Now whenever I try to login, I am successful but then am immediately disconnected from the server before ever leaving the login screen. Because of this I am not able to select a different server and cannot play :( Any help is appreciated! I'm not able to make a new account because of the 1 account per e-mail stipulation.
  19. Funktion1

    First time connection issue

    I was able to press Escape on my keyboard between the successful connect and the disconnect, which then allowed me to select a new realm. Hope this helps.