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    Башня Клейвена

    Сундук откроется с пиклоком за 70. Босса можно сапнуть, в теории, но он у меня никогда дольше 4 секунд не держался и сбивал мне сундук. Я ждал пока какой нибудь лузазёр не отвлечет его и вскрывал.
  2. Irbis1912

    Cant remember login

    Hey, i created last time and nobody helped me. My problem - i cant remember LOGIN of my account. My latest client was removed. As i use gmail, during registration i didnt get any letters, to see LOGIN. My email is [email protected] I'm asking administration for send me a letter to restore my acc. Thanx.
  3. Irbis1912

    Forgot my login (account name)

    Upd. My email - <snip>
  4. Irbis1912

    Forgot my login (account name)

    Hi. Forgot my login and now can't recover password, can't get access to account. A first letter, which must be sent to my email after registration, where I can look my login, is not in my mailbox. Looks like Elysium doesn't send this letter. How can I get account name to recover password? Thanx.