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    The only thing this made obvious is: you're bad. lol. Flame every alliance that beats you in BG and you will have even longer ques to enjoy.
  2. Valid point for sure. It has been some time since i've gone thru the process of applying so somewhat out of tune with it. Retail, there are no class leaders anymore pretty much. At least not in the guilds I was in. Pretty much comes down to being responsible as an individual and knowing your class without having someone "mentor" you as a class lead. This was just reaching out to possible guilds. I know it's not taken super seriously due to being in the process of leveling still but that won't take much time to complete. I'll have to reach out to possible raiding guilds and see... I definitely have some valuable experience I can bring to the table... especially regarding Naxx... cheers!
  3. Hello, Currently looking for a leveling guild (Or raiding guild possibly) at the moment while I venture thru my 1-60 (currently lvl 21 Horde Warrior)... After that I will be obtaining pre-raid bis and attunements to all the instances (Shouldn't take longer than a few weeks to do so, especially with the decent population here). I have tons of Vanilla experience, Went 13/15 Naxx on retail, spending the last 2 years raiding on VG, and progressing thru every instance on multiple characters so I know every role/aspect of boss fights. Coming from there with 15/15 Naxxramas raiding experience... Leaving due to work which has hindered my ability to make raid times (There is only EU raid times now). Since Elysium is working on releasing Naxx... I've decided to make that hard decision... leave some great friends behind... and move (re-roll from scratch) to a more populated server with N.A. raid times available... I just want to be able to enjoy the raiding content without interrupting my RL to do so... Stepped away from retail before the last expansion after obtaining US #76 in progression... World 317... Yeah yeah yeah... not remarkable but it took a lot of dedication none the less. Also made US 14th in terms of a 2 day progression guild in a weekend evening raiding guild on an "alt". I do not shy away from experiences, constructive criticism, and growing my account. I am not trying to brag or pull the epeen out... just demonstrating my experience and determination in terms of raiding. I have scoured the forums nonstop over the last 3 days and reading up on issues, bugs, etc pertaining this core. Just to not come in blind with issues, differences from VG, and such... Not looking to be carried or spoonfed loot... I will earn my roles in whatever guild I am able to make my way into. Character: Dnyed - Horde Please feel free to message me in-game or comment on this post with questions/concerns.