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  1. Adumbro

    Unable to enter to Control Panel

    If you no longer have access to your authenticator code, you may request a manual 2FA removal
  2. Adumbro

    2 step Auth

    Greetings! If you still have the email containing the 2FA setup code, you can simply add it again to your choice of 2FA app. If you do no longer have that code, you may request a manual 2FA removal. Best of luck,
  3. Adumbro

    HI GM

    I have removed your post as it contained sensitive information. If you are looking to submit a ban appeal, please follow the instructions on this page. Closed
  4. Adumbro

    Can I undelete characters?

    Please see this thread for information about character restoration.
  5. Adumbro

    New player got banned, clarification

    Please see this post. Locked /b
  6. Adumbro

    Account banned?

    Follow the instructions on this page to submit a ban appeal. Locked. /b
  7. Adumbro

    From Anathema to Elysium.

    We do not offer character transfers as a service. /b
  8. Adumbro

    How to install an addon ? Nothing IG

    When downloading addons from GitHub you may have to remove the branch suffix (usually -master) from the folder name. This means that the folder name (inside /Interface/Addons) should match the name of the file ending with .toc (inside your imported addon folder).
  9. Adumbro

    Chat bug - Muted?

    It sounds to me like you have been muted for flooding the chat. It usually lasts ~1h before resetting. Please let us know if you're still unable to chat.