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  1. evilhands

    The account was blocked and requested help.

    Excuse me, are you the game manager? I don't quite understand you. Does it show me a new job through the translation software? I've got a job, an option deal, and then I just want to say, "I don't have any offense against you, why do you want to scold me?"
  2. Because I am the new server of this server, the regulation to this server is not very clear, only know can not trade game gold coin. Unintentionally using the game's bug, ask GM to help me, and to ensure that future attention to the various provisions of the server, under the supervision of GM experience the game. My English is not good, and now I'm writing through the translation software. This game brings me a lot of fun, losing him can make me feel discouraged. I've been waiting for an answer, expecting God's help.I'll be thankful.