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  1. Kazuma

    A player who sells accounts

    And people still dare to protect the chinese community???? Ban all of em!
  2. Poor rogue, so much effort gone into a character all gone now. Your goldselling days are over ;-) Or atleast for a couple week or so, these characters are completely disposable. Judging from Lovecan's profile getting nearly full t2 in one day, he must have been previously banned and made a new char for more gold selling operations. Time to bring this to a stop and abolish this disease pestering our servers!
  3. It wasnt a mistake and you definitely wont get an appology. Shame shame shame!!
  4. Go work a real job instead. ps: Stop useing google translate. Have language difficulties? Maybe this is not the place for you...
  5. When I log on 10seconds in and I get whispered with these retarded spam messages. Still nothing seems to get done, banning these shitters is a good start. Finally someone useing hes brain seeing trough the huge money scheme these chinese have going in between their guilds. Let me nuance this, its definitely not only the chinese, but they're most of the cancer, pretty sure. If they're not spamming for their shady gold selling websites, they're farming with their gear obtained from exploiting dungeons and other bugs or win trading for r14.
  6. Thank you Pottu for banning these retards from the server. Atleast a GM who does what hes supposed to do. (unlike to Josipbroz)
  7. Hmm ok so how come Nost managed to block vpn but Elysium cant. Dont talk shit to others if you know jack shit either.
  8. Anyone can withold any donations they like as its their money. Nobody is obliged to donate nor is Elysium forced to keep hosting. If you like something and you feel like supporting, you can donate. If you dont and you dont donate thats fine aswell. Lets keep this discussion going. Either merge all realms and simplify the donation process or open transfers to Anathema (less prefered option as in the long run results will be the same).
  9. Some enjoy playing on a nearly empty server and some like playing on a nearly full server. If they force players into TBC it wont take long before the server is a ghost town - Warsong is the best example. Launching Zeth'kur was one of the biggest mistakes Elysium made, caving into the narrow minded. Also catering to the chinese community by not blocking VPN was another big mistake. We dont like playing with people who are illiterate and only speak their own language. Many players already quit because of this and more will come. Another interesting debate is the goldseller/cheater/bug abuser debate aka anything cancer on this server. Even tough staff always confirmed that most goldsellers are american, it's pretty clear that every single asian guild, and they're pretty obvious if you just take a look in Ironforge are basically facades for the ultimate money farm scheme. If you look at China most people dont play videogames (poverty is trough the roof and people have to work crazy hours for a low wage). They dont have time to play videogames. Its either working on a rice field,tea farm or some crazy iphone factory 12hours a day and make some money or play a videogame and make atleast double of what you can make on the fields. These players dont belong here. They should be supporting their local middle class. and not scam or leech some foreigners for some easy $.
  10. One solution. Block VPN and for the remaining spammers hit the banhammer very hard for one week and all spam is gone.
  11. Technically you can. Is it ideal? No. Is it nessecary? Yes. I see more and more people quitting because Anathema is becoming Barren. Statistics for proof. The suggestion to make transfers from Elysium to Anathema doesnt make sence. Nobody wants to play on an empty server. Same for Darrowshire, while I do believe a good PvE server is mandatory; but if the population doesnt allow it anymore its time to call quits. Just keep it simple ONE vanilla server and ONE experimental server who progresses trough expansions. It doenst make sence to keep paying for a realm who has the same capacity but almost 1/10 of the population.
  12. Please elaborate why that makes zero sence.
  13. The multiple realm story was valid begin 2017. Just merge all realms togheter. One vanilla server and in the future one PTE server (wich people can copy their standing vanilla character too for a limited period of time) Mark my words if staff keeps being indecisive or slow in their decisions this project is bound to crumble and it is already happening.
  14. Kazuma

    Bored, what do you guys do?

    Log in, no world chat activity and ironforge full with chinese, log out.