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  1. ScottK1994

    1-60, how fast?

    Well I'm just going with what you claimed, you didn't say the "fastest time to 60 at beginning of server launch" you said world record to level 60. Which is not Joana
  2. ScottK1994

    1-60, how fast?

  3. I don't agree, I think most people like the pace
  4. ScottK1994

    Hallow's End

    Has it started yet? I haven't seen any quest npcs
  5. ScottK1994

    The grind LVL'ing

    Questing is just to make grinding more interesting.
  6. Yeah I'm going for TBC. I was a wrath player so I never got to try vanilla and TBC. The idea of crestfall sounds really cool though and if I hadn't started playing yet, I'd consider playing on a PTE server. I even still might do depending on how it all goes.
  7. ScottK1994

    Just seen photo of retail wow team

    To be fair, isn't the combined /played for all wow players a thousand times greater than the time humans have been on earth?
  8. ScottK1994

    Just seen photo of retail wow team

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1189894/Women-happy-years-ago-.html " Women are less happy nowadays despite 40 years of feminism, a new study claims. Despite having more opportunities than ever before, they have a lower sense of well-being and life satisfaction, it found. The study, The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness, said the same was true for women of different ages and whether or not they were married or had children. Torn: Working women feel the pressure of a career and motherhood It said the results appeared surprising given that modern women had been liberated from their traditional 1950s role of housewife. Instead, their earning power has soared, women are doing better than men in education and they are in control of decisions over whether to start a family. "
  9. ScottK1994

    Just seen photo of retail wow team

    the 1950s had happier women.
  10. ScottK1994

    Just seen photo of retail wow team

    Holy cracker on the same page I just realised that Blizzard are doing a "Diversity Meet-up" I bet one of those red haired girls set that up. https://blizzcon.com/en-us/news/21116140/diversity-meet-up-at-blizzcon Quote
  11. ScottK1994

    Another AV lose fest

    Horde are better in pvp in general, its more noticeable because there more players.
  12. Whats that term when you employ a group of people that aren't qualified to meet a criteria of equity? It's impossible to have so many women working in one computing company without passing over better qualified men. No wonder the game is lacking
  13. ScottK1994

    How long does it take to learn pet skills

    Alright thanks, that's everything I want to know just now then:)
  14. ScottK1994

    How long does it take to learn pet skills

    Well thanks. The only thing I don't know now is things like if I have bite rank 3, can I skip rank 4 and learn rank 5?
  15. ScottK1994

    How long does it take to learn pet skills

    Also, my main pet has rank 3 of bite but not rank 2, will I need rank 2?