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  1. Feradir

    Retribution - give me back what's mine

    Stacking judgements has been there since Nostalrius so its not exactly a new thing. If its a bug and they ironed it out, good on them. BUT If its a feature that got binned with the excuse of balance - that needs to be reverted. True there will always be bias when discussing skills and classes but im not a huge fan when it comes down to the destruction of faction variety (in any game, really). The shaman and the paladin are so different from one another that comparing them or to try and equalize them is pointless. They both have skills and abilities that can add greatly to the entire raid to a point of trivializing encounters. Just sad to see how the removal of stacking judgements in order to appease the meta crowd has severely hurt and maybe even prevented all other type of paladin play than the one set in stone 10 years ago.
  2. Feradir

    Retribution - give me back what's mine

    Alright now this thread makes a bit more sense. Stacking active seals would probably be amazing and game breaking. As for stacking judgements on a target - it never seemed that much of a big deal to me, specially when the stacking is limited to the amount of different ranks a seal can have. I mean, the benefits of having three Judgements of Light/Wisdom on a big-ass target like a raidboss do add up and can add greatly to the regeneration rate of the raid, but even still... one would need first need three paladins who are actively keeping their judgements up for that much of a boost. As the value of health/mana restored by max rank judgement of light/wisdom is roughly the same as the next two ranks combined.. I dont know, im probably not the best person to talk about this as i know very little about shamans and horde side raidbuffs and such, but having multiple judgements up couldnt have disrupted balance that much, could it? For me - i always thought the best thing one could do with that was to stack Judgements of the Crussader (holy damage multiplier). Laying down all 6 different ranks would add up to 500ish spell damage*, add to that the PvP gloves benefit for an additional 100ish SP* - and you got yourself some holy damage, baby. Priests smitin' like crazy and retribution dudes could do some increased damage too. If true. This really, really sucks. Pains me to see the devs actively going out of their way to prevent creative and dedicated players from making novelty builds like rets and protpaladins from working at maximum potential with the tools the class have been given. * - citation needed (maths and adding up spell values isnt my strongest skill)