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    Pet's training points

    wow man I love you <3 thx a lot in fact if there is a way to do "online blowjob", I'd do it for you, just soooo good help. :D :D
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    Pet's training points

    Hi there, I'm sorry if this topic can't be posted in this section, but... Help me please with my pet's training points. He has always "-4", and I can't train anything I have abandon my previous pet and get another but problem still exists. Me and my pet walking around the world, killing mobs. He has received a level, but still -4 training points. Wtf? Oh and he's losing his mood very fast. I feeded him, then we killing 1-2 mobs and again I have to feed him. (just like my real life pets :D) btw when I tamed the pet I feeded him instantly, and of course I gave him his favorite food (crabs love some fruit). HELP PLS CANT PLAY :C