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  1. That is all that i was trying to say.. IDK ppl are gettin defensive about it lol.. im not saying elysium is shit... its the best community ever.. a server that holds up to x3 blizz's server did back in the day creates an unbalanced envoirment... Just like how mid-high rate vanilla realms to last.. the game wasnt made for it.. just like the 9k+ online at a time.. I dont hold the dev's are owners responsible there doing a great job in general.. i know its hard to cater to everyone.. either way Ill play here i was expressing my opinion that is all.. When blizz releases the legacy servers you guys will be able to grasp what me & others are talking about. Until they stay closed minded and continue to be silly.
  2. This guide is tailored to those who are playing vanilla on a toaster or calculator like me #2003. These are custom very-low settings. I went from 13fps to 51fps. Over the next few days I am going to do some tweaking and see if I can make the game look sexier with out losing a shit load of FPS. Step 1: Creating The Short Cut Create a shortcut to WoW.exe. You do this by right clicking on WoW.exe in your World of Warcraft directory and selecting "Create Shortcut" Right-click the newly-created shortcut and select "Properties". This will open the Properties window. In the "Target" field, add a space after the last quotation mark followed by -console. Hit "Apply" and close out of the properties window. Open World of Warcraft using the shortcut. To open the developer console, press the tilde key. It looks like ~ and is located to the left of the 1 and above the Tab key on a US keyboard layout Step 2: The Console Commands + Numbers After pressing ~ (console key) copy and paste each setting one at a time, & press enter. anisotropic 0 baseMip 0 detailDoodadAlpha 0 DistCull 1 doodadAnim 0 farclip 177 ffx 0 ffxDeath 0 ffxGlow 0 ffxRectangle 0 footstepBias 0 frillDensity 1 gxColorBits 16 gxDepthBits 16 horizonfarclip 705 lod 0 lodDist 50 mapObjLightLOD 0 mapObjOverbright 0 mapShadows 1 MaxLights 1 maxLOD 0 nearClip 0.33 occlusion 0 particleDensity 0.25 pixelShaders 0 shadowLevel 0 showfootprints 1 showLowDetail 1 showShadow 0 showSimpleDoodads 0 SkyCloudLOD 0 SkySunGlare 0 SmallCull 0.001 specular 1 spellEffectLevel 2 texLodBias 0 textureLodDist 80 trilinear 1 unitDrawDist 100 waterLOD 0 waterParticulates 0 waterRipples 0 waterSpecular 0 waterWaves 0 weatherDensity 0 bspcache 0 gxTripleBuffer 0 gxVSync 0 M2UsePixelShaders 0 M2UseZFill 0 M2UseClipPlanes 0 M2UseThreads 1 M2UseShaders 0 M2BatchDoodads 0 timingModeOverride 2 M2Faster -1 for single core 1 for dual core 2 for triple core 3 for quadcore+ After you use/tweak these settings to your needs in the console type: gxrestart & presto your done :) I got alot of this info from nost forum thanks to shadow lurker how ever his was aimed towards making it look amazing.. where as mine is the opposite.. I'm also a big believer in if you find something good share it with the world! If this does help please post your results+PC stats.
  3. True.. except no everyone wants to play alliance all the time? Not smart to tell ppl what to play Lol.. Do you suffer from sDS?
  4. BlowUp

    Coming Back, How Are Things?

    Welcome back man and +rep on the avatar dude! Whats the status on your account man? hope u didnt really get hacked!
  5. Hello! names Andrew. I didn't notice till last night we have a PvE server lol, I know my own stupidity #epicfail on my part. What classes/specs are needed most in terms of Raiding? I have no preference to alliance or horde. If someone of Darrowshire can point me in the right direction, that would be amazing!
  6. that's awesome dude u made my day haha!
  7. You notice the lack of ! marks? or CAPS.. im not mad I was simply express my opinion.. thats what forums are for.. It's my fault i didnt know they were on diff patches.. I apologize. I personally should did a lil more research of my behalf and i failed in doing so.. anyways thanks for the insight everyone! How long you think till blizz release vanilla? jw.. id prob play here still any ways out of respect to Elysium devs and its great players inside!
  8. All i was getting at is ofer Ely players a chance to Xfer to Daro. It would be good for both servers. Balance being the main goal.. it will nvr be perfected but its a start.
  9. What are you said is very true. It just this ok.. I litterally just came back to WoW after a 7 year break.. i have no interest in retail.. I want nothing more than for this project to succeed, more importantly Darrowshire. I know im new but i keep having others tell me that darrow is lost and im wasting my time.. Im rollin there anyways.. Im stressed and slight angry as a new players because before signing up on this forum i spent hours reading posts and it seems hard to make any decision.. atleast from my view.. and i know right now my grammar sucks and my structure. im in one of those moods and typing this as fast i can.. am i looking like an ass? prob.. my posts are the best i know but it seems like its Elysium vs Ana vs Darro when it shouldnt be or feel like that. I came here cause i heard the community is good. From what ive been reading on the forums im getting a different vibe.. How ever im assuming the ingame community is nothing like this forum.. At the end of the day ur right. im not being a smart ass either when im saying that. One thing i do like about u .. u def help me calm down a bit!
  10. BlowUp

    Target dummy

    Lol im not QQing.. im sick of ppl hating on ppl trying ti come up with ideas.. and if u played wow in beta and at launch.. very few addons were around and if you want to put a label on it.. the "hardcore raiders" didnt use addons.. if u ever applied to any those guilds.. these questions were on the applications frequently. Addons didnt get popular till after tier 2 patch... even then most raiders atleast the good one who took the time to do there research and not get spoon fed with noobish addons. Apparently timing and re planning fights is to hard for people. When it is'nt it takes practice. Unfortunalty ppl like to take the easy way out now a days.. which is not a TRUE blizz like vanilla... This place is blizzlike but not True blizzlike so people need to stop throwing the word TRUE in there all the time.. when they have no idea what true blizzlike really is. I didnt say im right nor wrong lol read the posts.. He had a good idea with the training dummies.. and ppl are saying ppl would abuse it to increase wep skill.. well Dummies do u not think the dev could script it so ur wep skill doesnt increase when u attack the dummy? Dummies were made to help u perfect u spec and play style not to increase ur wep skill.. which is what those ppl above were saying. Im not qqing im sticking up for the original author.. There is no RIGHT or WRONG at the end of the day its all based on ones opinion... thats what a forum is all about... The Author said his... the ppl before me said theres.. and i said mine.. and now you've said yours.. next time dig deeper rather than jump in and tryna be the cool dude haha.. anyways god bless riplip
  11. BlowUp

    Target dummy

    Blizz like gets thrown around here like it means something. When none of i prob ever played wow with no addons and raided mc-naxx aswell. most of u dont understand true vanilla blizzlike LOL... there are a bunch of non blizz like changes this company had made and it turned out to be good... since i feel like being a smart ass.. True Vanilla= no addons @ all.. even in raids.. but none of u seem to do that anymore.. so if u gunna run nolamik down.. look at urself u all use addons which in smart terms is not true blizzlike. On a side note alot of people rewrote or made new addons for 1.12.1 which u guys use.. Guess what?????? thats not blizzlike either.. His idea is a good one I think adding dummies would be a good idea for new players.. How many true vanilla vets are on here and leveld 1-60 with no addons and cleared all raids with no addons ? i cant be the only one.. Don't worry Nolamik.. alright of people on here think there hardcore vanilla vets... there mad since there last cheese got stuck in there keyboard and now they QQ
  12. Guess i was wrong i swore it was 2k my bad.. Anyways thats my point with the modern hardware.. even @ 7k thats way to much for 1 server.. I remember playing horde on Mal'Ganis highest pop server for horde in the US and even with this 3.5 cap u speak off.. most times 80% were horde and that enough made it a pain for everyone from 10-60.. so just think how much worse it will be with a 7k cap.. I keep hearing these oh please xfer from ely to ana.. why not see how many ppl wanna go from ely to darrow? i know a good chunk really want to but at the moment dont want to level another 60.. Idk if that transfer idea would be good or maybe select players that are showing genuine interest in darrowshire and compy there toons to darrowshire.. im just saying this for horde im saying it for the server as a whole.. I'm going to be playing here no matter what but it would be nice if as a community we could come up with ideas to better the servers we play on thats all. If darrow could get to 2-3k peak the server would flourish for once in a long ass time.. I can post a screen shot.. I have gatherd conversions with 899 ppl on elysium who would love to play on darrow.. This may sound stupid but it appears to be true.. alot of the good servers have original or clever/nice sounding names.. Like Elysium or Nost's realm. Darrowshire sounds like a failed pub frodo baggins would open... Anathema sounds like WoW aids or a fanasty term for a colonoscopy ffs. Some of this may be me venting but it doesnt change the fact the things need to be done.. Not jus on darrowshire or ana but elysium to.. its going to take time to balance shit out but i would be nice to hear from the staff what there thought are on this? Ive talked to a gm and seemed so clueless.. i seriously felt like i was talking to a 9 yo boy.. anyways that is all
  13. BlowUp

    Report account sale and share

    open a ticket and talk to a gm in game then get there email and send the pics.. its that easy buddy
  14. BlowUp

    Nothing helps, Disconnected from server

    say you compy and paste the realm list in the folder right? sometimes note pad will glitch out and ass a extra space. go to the very beginning of the elysium realm list adress press back space once then save it.. and it should work.. judging by your prob.. this seems to be the only other possible way, unless u have a vpn going thru to china which i hghly doubt lol Ur friend is full of gnome shit so to speak... u create the account and click the the activation email if u did those things.. then theres an extra space some where in the realmlist url to connect to the server.. im sure it will fix.. or i can fix it for u
  15. BlowUp

    AFK out of BG

    Perma Banned? sry to tell you... aside from being stupid it is wrong.. u get deserter.. a 15 minute debuff lol...