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  1. Open a GM ticket in-game.
  2. DarknessCalls

    Level 50 Druid Quest Bug

    Did you abandon and retake the quest?
  3. DarknessCalls

    lvl 14 and can't /w or send mail

    It's done to combat gold spammers. Yeah you need level 15.
  4. DarknessCalls

    Important Update Announcement (10/04/2018)

    This is not the first time they have announced they are leaving only to return shortly after under a new alias. But if you're actually leaving for good, then best of luck wherever you go.
  5. DarknessCalls

    WOD character models

    Huh??? From the terms of service: C. Permanent ban The most serious sanction. This sanction is applied in case of multiple violations of the rules, or after multiple account interruptions, as well as any of the following: Any client modification (libraries, executables, MPQ, etc.); Which is exactly what changing character models does (modifies the game files), so it is actually allowed or not?
  6. DarknessCalls

    Install Botched

    The vanilla client from Kronos works great. You don't need to install either, you just need to torrent it. Once done, just change the realmlist file.
  7. DarknessCalls

    Install Botched

    Sounds like you don't have correct permissions or something is blocking you from accessing the file. Are you running the game as Admin? Do you have your firewalls disabled? Make sure if you have Avast, you also like the game as an exception (or disable Avast). If none of those work, it's possible the file is corrupted and you need to start over with a fresh client.
  8. Do you have Avast? If so, disable it.
  9. DarknessCalls

    Recovered Character not correct level

    Pretty sure that means there is nothing that can be done then.
  10. DarknessCalls

    Recovered Character not correct level

    The reason is because the latest backups they had were several weeks before the realms shutdown last year. You can open an in-game ticket to describe your situation, but I'm fairly certain you are stuck with what you got.
  11. DarknessCalls

    Lightbringer PVP Realm Transfer

    That's Nighthaven, you'll want to change your realmlist to the Elysium one to access it.
  12. DarknessCalls

    Character Recovery - Elysium Merge

    Were your characters on Anathema (old Nost)? Those aren't coming back until Nighthaven reaches 1.12
  13. DarknessCalls

    Druid weapon skills

    Don't trust the numbers on the character screen. Weapon skills do not impact Druid AP at all.
  14. DarknessCalls

    what happens with the warrior

    Welcome to Vanilla. Warrior is one of the hardest classes to level.
  15. DarknessCalls

    Logitech Gaming Software not detecting WoW

    Try running the game in Windows XP or Windows 7 compatibility modes.
  16. DarknessCalls

    Client Download

  17. DarknessCalls

    Client Stuttering/freezing

    Try Windows 7 or Windows XP compatibility modes
  18. DarknessCalls

    Client Stuttering/freezing

    Try disabling addons, one of them might be causing the issue.
  19. DarknessCalls

    Character Restoration (?)

    What realm was your character on, and what level was he? The only backup they had was a few weeks before the servers shut down, so if you created your character after that timeframe, it might be gone for good.
  20. DarknessCalls

    Elysium TBC Beta, Stage #1

    Dual spec wasnt implemented until Wrath
  21. DarknessCalls

    wierd lag

    It's obviously one of your addons causing the issue. Need to determine which one.
  22. DarknessCalls

    Character not transferred

    It's probably not coming back, they only were able to restore the backups from a couple of months or so before the server shutdown, might've been before you made your priest.
  23. DarknessCalls

    Ban Appeal

    Wrong subforum, go here: https://forum.elysium-project.org/forum/351-ban-appeals/
  24. DarknessCalls

    Can’t right click

    Try running in Windows 7 or Windows XP compatibility modes.
  25. DarknessCalls

    Server Merge is here!

    You won't get those characters until Nighthaven progresses to 1.12