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  1. abuskiewicz

    WTS mage 58 for coins

    WTS mage Beifong 58 lvl horde troll, great geat, for minimal coins 900 + server profit Just born as Warior :( Forced to play mage :) Need to change :)
  2. It's just about it more expensive (anything) than orginal WoW, i can even spend 50 Eur on smth, but not for that low amount of gold. Your choice, but lots of game (look star conflict) use coins to get money. But its available for standard , not rich player. On that currency i cannot buy coins. Thats all. Sory if post is problematic. Just sharing my feelings to improve.
  3. I feel the same, even if i dont have time to exp, i like to play, but family. i cant spend 1/4 of month salary for champion...
  4. For good future of the server, i propose to make actual price of the coins divided by 2 . It will increase the total income, and let the people use it. Ex. 40 lvl warior shoul'd cost 1/4 of minamial month salary for young's. Coins are to expensive for normal player who want to play and dont pay to blizz. Best regards Me