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  1. Character ghost is hold in textures.

    Have you tried using auto-unstuck feature in game? It should solve the problem, if it does not, open a ticket and one of our GMs will assist you.
  2. Old character

    I am sorry you feel that way. Good luck! =)
  3. Custom Vanilla things

    Thank you for your suggestion, but we will not be modifying the game that has been released over a decade ago and that we all love anytime soon. :)
  4. Character Restoration

    Nighthaven is our only server at the moment, and everyone had to create a new character there. We do not allow any character restorations/transfers to Nighthaven. However, your characters are not lost as you will still be able to use them in future on our TBC server.
  5. Creating account problem

    What exactly does not work, you can not log in game due to invalid account info/ban/something else? Please provide some more info.
  6. Update the front page

    Can you be more specific?
  7. Population Question US Players

    Server population usually peaks at 7-10 server time, which also happens to be central european time. Yes, big chunk of our playerbase consists od EU players, but there's a significant number of US, and especially RU players. There's ~4000 players at peak time (Sat/Sun especially) which is a very healthy population as far as numbers are concerned and we're hoping numbers will only go up now that BGs are out and players are able to quest/griend etc. once again. Thank you for playing on our server, we do our best to deliver you a true vanilla experience. :)
  8. Old character

    Character restorations are not allowed on Nighthaven server. You will have to create a new character if you want to play here. Best of luck! :)
  9. account suspended?

    Please open a ban appeal. Take a look at this thread first. https://forum.elysium-project.org/announcement/9-ban-appeal-information-read-before-posting/
  10. Is PVP pointless?! (Does your gear poof?)

    Hey IceKnight366, You won't lose any gear. To be more specific, let's say you reach rank 10 and are finally able to buy and wear rare PvP shoulders and a head piece. If your rank drops to, let's say, rank 7, you will still be able to use r10 PvP equipment you have previously bought even though you are no longer rank 10. Once you reach a certain rank and purchase your items you can use them forever. However, you have to buy your items when you have the minimal rank requirement for buying them. :)
  11. Nighthaven information please

    As I said in previous post, rates are blizzlike (1x) as we are trying to emulate that vanilla feeling. Enjoy your stay on Nighthaven! :)
  12. Nighthaven information please

    Nighthaven is a fast-paced progression realm, it started on patch 1.2. Fast-paced progression means that it will take far less than one year to progress from versions 1.2 to 1.12.1. Additionally, the realm will be featuring progression through expansion. This means once 1.12.1 is launched, the preparation for a transition to TBC will begin! Experience, gold and loot rates are completely Blizzlike (1x). The server was launched on Sunday, November 5th, 2017. Population usually peaks at Saturday/Sunday with around 5000 players online (4000 - 4500 at primetime now). Alliance vs. Horde ratio is pretty even, with Horde being in slight advantage (~5%). You can enter the server instantly at any time, there are no queues due to high pop.
  13. Question for a GM

    "...The only exception is that you may have up to two characters in the same major or goblin city temporarily, for trading, crafting, conjuring, portalling or using the Neutral Auction House to transfer items/gold to an alt." Am I allowed to have him logged in inside a capitol city and I mail things to him to list on AH and I can watch my auctions and what not while I am playing in the world with my other toon? No, you are not. As the quote above clarifies, you can only use two characters simultaneously for a short period of time to perfom some very specific actions while both of them are in the same area. Being active on both characters on different acounts for a prolonged period of time is against ToS.
  14. Faction Numbers

    Hi, Zergie. Welcome to our community, I hope you'll have a great time playing on Nighthaven. Horde is in slight advantage as far as population is concerned, therefore I encourage you to roll Alliance. :)
  15. Links can be found here. CLICK