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  1. Can't connect

    The server is under maintenance, it has been announced multiple times throughout the day and on our discord. :)
  2. Nighthaven — Its been 1 month!

    What I'd like to see is... more awesome Alliance players please! :3 (:
  3. GM Mount Fundraiser (Ash)

    Lol this is hillarious. I'm sending my mining pick ASAP! :)
  4. Where is the DOWNLOAD botton?

    Hi an0te, Take a look at this thread. CLICK
  5. Chat not working?

    Try deleting everything in your WDB folder.
  6. Very nice mate, good job! :)
  7. Gold is really not that hard to get, and it is only going to get easier as the server advances because prices are going up.
  8. Paladin in pvp, no cc = weak?

    I'm playing a pally myself, and it's sooo fun lol. Hammer of Justice and Repentance are very important. We have alot of survivability, Lay on Hands, BoP, BoF to prevent an enemy from slowing you down, Divine Shield, Cleanse... I have yet to lose a duel. Having a speed trinket really helps against mages and hunters, you can pop your shield and get to them in a few seconds, and once they're in range, they're as good as dead. On top of that, you can always heal yourself. While paladins may not be the best option out there, if you know how to play one you're good. In a fair 1v1 fight, it's a really hard to take a skilled pally down. Obviously if someone surprises you while you're questing, especially a mage or hunter, and you fail to close the distance, there isn't much you can do, but that is not a class related problem. Same happens to any other class. Best of luck. :)
  9. Simple question

    Not before the server reaches the last patch of Vanilla, which is going to take a while, and even then, I can't promise anything. Our TBC realm will come out soon and you will be able to play any characters you have restored over there.
  10. Which race has a higher population?

    1. Humans 2. Undeads 3. Orcs
  11. Simple question

    Hi Bagdoul, You can restore your character but you can not use your character on Nighthaven, it is a fresh realm and no char transfers are allowed at this stage. :)
  12. Thank you all for coming, it was an amazing experience! <3
  13. lags dc vmaps textures hunter omg wtf

    Hi desolace1, While no server is perfect in every single aspect, our team is working day and night trying to provide the best possible gaming experience for you guys. If you can not appreciate that and feel this server doesn't meet your standards, maybe this server just isn't for you. Whatever your decision may be, I wish you all the best. :)
  14. Hi Parian, You can not use a character you have just restored, or any restored characters for that matter, on Nighthaven, reason being it's a fresh new realm and no char transfers are allowed.
  15. Your best bet is to open an in game ticket and get in touch with a GM. Best of luck. :)