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  1. Mister K

    TBC Account Transfer - Economy Issues

    It should all remain Blizzlike.
  2. Mister K

    Why the TBC server needs to be PVE

    Well he did say: They are certainly on the same page as the community and it's more of a polite, "no".
  3. Mister K

    TBC Faction Balance

    This. Then just advertise the free transfer via the SERVER: alerts as well as the website/social media. Boosting honor/xp is probably going to be taken advantage of. For instance, rolling purposely on the other faction to gain the benefit then paying the transfer fee back to your main faction.
  4. Mister K

    Double XP and player base

    I disagree, the prices should be adjusted.
  5. Mister K

    Double XP and player base

    Wrong forum mate, like completely. Or is this PUBG bot trying to spread the word since PUBG is dying? 😂 On Topic: There is double XP available on the Elysium Market, starting at 30coims (approx £3.99GBP). I have used it on my twink to get to level 19 as I am saving "the grind" for retail once it comes out. I don't think server needs to introduce anything other than this. The rates should stay as is, and double XP via the Elysium Market is more than fine (and affordable imho).
  6. Mister K

    How do dungeon resets work?

    Should be able to right click your portrait and hit 'reset all instances'. Unless this was not available during Vanilla?
  7. Mister K

    is server population good?

    The "other" server(s) will be shutting down so lot of players will flock between this server and other similar servers. Right now, 1k to 2.5k is good imho.
  8. Mister K

    TBC Faction Balance

    Monetary benefits is little risky. Increased honor or XP gain sounds more ideal.
  9. Had this issue as well, the pages went down from 54 to 18. However, I still believe the system is far from perfect. I will be doing a thread in the Suggestions forum specifically addressing the current account/shop page.
  10. Mister K

    Issue with Coin buying

    It does automatically award coins if you use the other payment methods rather than Paypal. It looks like they have no properly implemented Paypal IPN to support this.
  11. Mister K

    Issue with Coin buying

    Support usually resolves this issue fairly quick. Did this yesterday. As long as you make a ticket (in-game or here) and mention your PP email address (don't post your email here to be safe).
  12. Mister K

    Two factor authorization

    You should be able to 1) SCAN code, 2) Enter the 6DIGIT code given by AUTH application, submit, enter again. If not try AUTHY or Google Authenticator. https://mashable.com/2017/10/29/how-to-set-up-google-authenticator/?europe=true#NJb9WyzXdqqG
  13. As title says, ideally Scouting Gloves of the Monkey
  14. Mister K

    [Bug Report] Double XP Token Not Working?

    Good to hear, cheers! :)
  15. Mister K

    [Bug Report] Double XP Token Not Working?

    Update // Fix? It looks like the issue is with inventory slot placement of the token? The token was placed in the slot shown in the image below. Moving the token anywhere other than the designated slot will remove the XP buff. Correct Slot: