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  1. Mister K

    Two factor authorization

    You should be able to 1) SCAN code, 2) Enter the 6DIGIT code given by AUTH application, submit, enter again. If not try AUTHY or Google Authenticator. https://mashable.com/2017/10/29/how-to-set-up-google-authenticator/?europe=true#NJb9WyzXdqqG
  2. As title says, ideally Scouting Gloves of the Monkey
  3. Mister K

    [Bug Report] Double XP Token Not Working?

    Good to hear, cheers! :)
  4. Mister K

    [Bug Report] Double XP Token Not Working?

    Update // Fix? It looks like the issue is with inventory slot placement of the token? The token was placed in the slot shown in the image below. Moving the token anywhere other than the designated slot will remove the XP buff. Correct Slot:
  5. Seems that the Double XP is not working? I should be getting around 200XP per kill. Some quests also should be rewarding minimum of 1.5k XP between levels 12-17 yet they award under 1k. Could you please take a look into this? I have attached a sample screenshot. Have been playing for around 1h to 2hrs with the Double XP bonus token.
  6. The whole cry-out by purist about sharding is absolutely ridiculous. Loot trading is a whole other debate however. Specially in group scenario (not so much in guild run raids).
  7. Mister K


    I think he wants character names which have not been active for 1-5 years to be removed.
  8. It's relatively new system, I guess more testing and observation how the market behaves is probably recommended to see what the ideal ratios would be. Certainly something that should be looked at by the team. No system is perfect the first of its iteration. As more people start to use it (compared to a week ago it's being used a lot, lot more) you get a better idea.
  9. Bump, Character Exchange for pre-60s is too high, hence the build up of lower level characters. Why spend 600-800 coins on a character when a fresh 60 is only so much more...
  10. Why not reduce prices for pre 60 characters as well? A level 46 is 690 minimum price for auction, about 100-200 coins higher than it should be. The calculation should be: level x 10rate as minimum price to bring it in line of gold price. Infact I should be able to sell my character for 100 coins if I wanted to. It would hurt the seller not anyone else. You can see the amount of characters in the AH now just lingering around due to prices being too high. It's not well balanced for gold/level. 750 coins = £75GBP = level 46 minimum price, infact you are pushing people away from the store due to expensive prices. It does not help the server.
  11. I agree. The current value of coins is higher than what you can potentially get from account sellers outside of Elysium Project (not advised due to scams).
  12. Mister K

    Effect of Blizzard's Classic WoW

    There are plenty of servers which provide TBC/WotLK experience already, so that's not anything new. There is going to be a huge wave of people going over to Retail Classic. I think having a lower tier subscription model would be great but most likely not going to happen and you will have to shell out the full price. There are just too many benefits over private servers that Retail Classic will have: Professional Staff & Services Stability of Servers and Core Safety in Terms of Security and Characters/Servers not being deleted Integration of Battle.Net and having your friends together. Constant, strong player base. Whether people that are taking break from LIVE game to experience the Museum or Veterans, etc... I do like to thank Elysium for providing this brilliant service, but there are too many shortcomings that private servers have over retail. There have been too many times where power hungry staff, or malicious players have ruined servers and after spending hundreds of hours on your account, it all goes to nothing. Anyone serious about their character/time will invest in a subscription for a premium service. Anyone that plays occasionally and does not want to shell out on a subscription will remain on private servers. Personally, I will roll on Insta 60s funservers whenever I want to test certain specs, etc for the Retail Classic. All that matters is,
  13. The minimum price of 690 for characters is little ridiculous. I am trying to sell my level 46 and with the 10% it's at 759 coins purchase price. Most of the level 60s start at 950 coins, having pre level 50s locked to certain price is just ridiculous. The chances of selling any of these characters are much lower due to the high asking price. Solution: Please allow us to set any price for characters below level 50, alternatively reduce the requirement to something like 450/500 for characters which are below level 50.
  14. Fuck if only you did UK/EU based raid times. Damn it! Also, friendly bump.
  15. Mister K


    Really? So 2FA was available for Blizzard to deploy back in 2005-2007?