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    mystake at AH

    Hi, I was searching item at AH and I clicked by mistake on "Bid". I would not click on this button and now, I lost 7 gold. Can you please cancel my order and give me back my gold ? thanks !
  2. Gimtril

    Can't log to Elysium Server

    Hi, I have played on Elysium Server since one year. Until there, the game already worked. But since 30 minutes, I try to log in to Elysium server and my game crash with Error 134. I am able to launch the game, to enter my credentials and it asks me to choose a server. When I choose the Elysium server my game crash. I tried with other Vanilla server and it works well. Is there issues with Elysium server ???? I played using my Mac this morning and it worked (now I am trying to log with my computer)
  3. Gimtril

    Chat /1 /2 ? anyone speak..

    Yes but I have the impression that that general zone chat (/1) dosn't work for me. I don't see any message and when I speak, no one answer me as if they don't see my message .....
  4. Hi everybody. I write this message because a question came to my mind ^^ : Why I don't see anyone writting in the chat ? When I write a message in the /1 or /2 xhat, anyone answer me and I have never seen anyone write a message in it. Do you know if there is a global chat to speak with other peoples like search a group for dungeons, or elite quest ?.... Thank you ! Gimtril
  5. Gimtril


    Je me posais la même question ...
  6. Gimtril

    Canal de conversation

    Salut à toute la compagnie française ! Je poste ce message pour savoir si les channels de discussions sont actifs ou alors s'il y a un channel global. En effet je ne vois personne parler sur le /2 (commerce) ou sur le /1 et je trouve ça assez dommage car pour les recherches d'instances ou de quête élite je ne trouve personne. Quand j'y parle personne ne me répond non plus. Quelqu'un a t'il une réponse ? Merciiii Gimtril