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  1. Little late in uploading this as I uploaded the 2nd pvp event before the first hah, but I wanted to get this out here anyway since I did record some footage. Enjoy! Link: P.S. Any word on when the next one will be? These are the most fun I ever had in WoW!
  2. From what I could make out of what you said, I agree with it. I'm not saying causal players shouldn't play WoW. What I am saying is that if you're a causal player, don't complain that you aren't getting epic gear. Casual gear is for the casual player. Epic gear is for the committed player.
  3. Then you just answered your own question; get in a premade! I just recently started focusing more on BGpvp instead of Wpvp and immediately lost 6 games in a row because I joined as a pub vs a premade. Thus, I know what you're talking about. So guess what I did? I found 8+ like-minded dudes in world chat who wanted to make a premade like me and I instantly won the next 7/8 games. There are ways to win, so stop complaining. If you don't want to take advantage of those ways than that's your fault.
  4. Sort out the Low Level Ganking or Lose Players

    If this was a response to something that happened to this guy over the weekend it was probably me and my level 36 hunter friend doing the ganking lol. Some games aren't for everyone. If you can't take the heat then, to be put bluntly, find another game. When I was low level I got corpse camped throughout my entire leveling experience from 15-56. It probably doubled my time to get to 60. It sucks, it pisses you off, but that's war. And when you're 60 you repay the favor. In my opinion, If you don't hate the other faction by the time you're 60 somethings gone wrong.
  5. I have empathy for you and fixpvp's complaints - it's not easy some times. Nevertheless, I don't know of any optimal balance that exists for regular gamers vs. casual gamers. In Vanilla WoW it was a hardcore regular gamer-based system. Current retail WoW is completely a casual gamer system - people go on just for a few minutes to check a few things and then log off (kind of like facebook or your email). The fact is, if you want to get the rewards in Vanilla WoW you HAVE to put in the time. If you don't want to put in the time, or maybe don't have the ability to put in the time because of real life restrictions, perhaps this isn't the game for you. But don't tell everyone else that they have to change the game to fit your lifestyle. Everyone should know by now that changing the game to make it "easier" or more "noob-friendly" is NOT the way to go. Unfortunately that's just the way it is: not every game is able to be played optimally by every person. Games like Clash of Clans or current retail WoW can be played casually with high reward. Games like Vanilla WoW, H1Z1 Just Survive, or Diablo 2 cannot be played casually with high reward - you either invest many many hours or you don't get s***. The level of reward is directly proportional to time invested. That's life...
  6. pvp in world or no pvp as it is

    As annoying as it is, I don't mind it. Guess what, THAT'S WAR!!! I mean, it is actually in the name: World of WARcraft. Yes it's annoying and frustrating as hell, but I wouldn't want it any different as then it becomes more kiddy and noob-friendly. Another positive side-effect is it instills the pure hate you should have for the other faction (as is also the case in war). I got ganked so many times from 30-55, but now that I'm 60 guess what, I'm ganking twice as much. It's KOS no matter who it is. That's WAR baby! For the Alliance!
  7. Is PVP pointless?! (Does your gear poof?)

    Thank you for clarifying this Kalmar! I'm glad to hear it! Keep up the great work you guys do.
  8. According to wowwiki: "As of patch 1.6, any items earned will not be taken away if your rank decays. If you earn the Grand Marshal gear, then you will be able to wear it forever, even if you stop PvPing. Which means you do not have to maintain the Rank of Grand Marshall/High Warlord it order to continue wearing the GM/HW Gear. ANY rank you obtain will be listed as a Former Rank so if you make Sergeant Major(Alliance) and take a month off and get demoted, you can still wear the Sgt Major gear you bought before." Source: Aren't we only on patch 1.5? Does that mean that any PVP gear you earn will be taken away if you don't maintain your rank? I don't know about you, but even if I can put in the time for one week to get good PVP gear, that doesn't mean I can do that EVERY week indefinitely. It seems as if PVP'ing is worthless unless you 1) don't care about rewards, honor points, etc..., or 2) can invest 40 hours EVERY week JUST PVP'ing and just to prevent your gear from disappearing. I was thinking about pushing really hard to get PVP gear. If this is true, hah, screw that...
  9. Can't get back into game

    Yup, we're all having the same problem. Been like 30m now...
  10. Can't get back into game

    Hi, I disconnected mid Mara run and now I can't get back into the game. Sometimes I get to the loading game screen (loads back into mara because that's where I DC'ed) but never gets passed the loading screen. The rest of the time I'm just trying to connect to the server and it gets stuck a "success" and eventually disconnects me. Is this happening to everyone or just me? It's been about 15m of this now. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. FP Camping...

    It's war, all is fair in love in war they say
  12. 2nd PVP event youtube video!!!

    Absolutely! It was my pleasure! Thank you for all you do for the community!
  13. Here is my recording of the 2nd world PVP event! I hope everyone who participated had as much of a blast as I did. Thank you admins, moderators, and developers for what you have created! ENJOY!
  14. Yes, I think I saw one guy with one. Problem is I started at level 14, and I don't think even that was early enough because I wasn't getting enough rep from the early Teldrassil quests. The fact is, it really shouldn't be like that. There needs to be a repeatable quest for people to do in case of circumstances like this. I saw someone in a blizzard forum talking about the rune cloth quest in 2006. Burning Crusade came out in 2007. So it should hectically be in there. It should definitely be in there for the Stratholme, right?....
  15. I just started playing Stratholme and I'm really enjoying it, but I just found out my favorite mount in the game is impossible for me to get. I play as a human mage and like the saber mounts in Darnassus. But the only way to get them is to become exalted in Darnassus. After searching for an hour and doing a lot of research I just found out that this is likely impossible because Raedon Duskstriker (the cloth master) is not in the game, and the tabard's were not introduced until later. Without those two pathways in the game, the ability to become exalted is almost certainly impossible for a new player, 100% impossible if you're over level 30 (you won't get high enough rep for lower quests). Is there a plan for an update to add Raedon Duskstriker back into the game? Thanks for Stratholme and all your guys hard work!