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    is the server down?

    Restart server pls
  2. Не заходит, висит на логинке в списке серверов
  3. Darvel

    Всё ли работает у роги?

    Меня не устраивает как работает тут инвиз. С 2-3 метров видят вообще все мобы с прокаченным на 5 и не могу пройти в инвизи не 1 узкую пещеру с мобами, чтобы они не заагрились. Видимо этот талант тут вообще не работает, да и в инвизе мало толку. Помню на оффе пробегал все пещеры и ни разу моб не агрился, так ж без проблем бегал по инстам, тут, я так понимаю, элита даже из далека видит, уже палили на 16-ом 15-ые элитные из далека.
  4. Darvel

    invisibility bug

    I played on the off from the beginning and to the legion. I'm 16 lvl rogue, invisibility up to 5 and me see in it all mobs as my lvl, and very small 4-6 lvl. So it should not be. I could not pass the cave to the boss past the mobs, was as far away as possible from them. This is definitely a bug.
  5. Hey. I just registered yesterday, ran a couple of hours yesterday and today is half a day. Then I went to work. Now I tried to go in yet to swing - I did not manage to go, I wrote the connection was broken by the server. Tried to go to the forum to write - there is no account at all, neither on the forum, nor in the game. I just registered yesterday, I ran in the starting location, even the quests did not manage to execute more than 20-30, 11 lvls. https://yadi.sk/i/2o-VRsrl3Qoq7Y The account returned. Were there technical problems at night? I wrote that my account does not exist ..