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  1. The other server has databases going back more than 8 years. I understand some of the names were taken and no play time put on them. We are looking into ways to reclaim names but server stability issues are the top priority.
  2. Zancon

    Is vanilla supported?

    On Friday evening we changed everyone's name thay needs to rename to "#Rename". We returned everything we could to the original sending account as best we could. But if mail has been sent to a real character it's much more problematic. Those mails could be gone, or if that character doesnt log in for 30 days and take the mail will be returned to you at that time.
  3. You have to rename any characters with the rename flag. It means another character had the name on the Nighthaven server previous to you creating your character on Nethergarde.
  4. Please follow the beginners guide in my signature. This is most likely due to your realmlist.wtf file not being set correctly. Take special care to not have any extra spaces in the file.
  5. Zancon

    investigate alchemist shop

    Place all items needed for the quest in your original backpack and then relog and try to hand the quest in again.
  6. Zancon

    Trouble finishing The Tome of Divinity quest

    When you first login and are on the character selection screen, there should be an addons button in the lower left. Click on that and it should display any addons you may have. Some of the client downloads do come with a default suite of addons to the game. So its possible you may have some on and not know it.
  7. Zancon

    TBC Mail Bug?

    Can you help with an experiment? Send the mail and wait 1 hour before attempting retrieve it and let's see what happens. Send a grey item or whatever has little to no value at all. My theory is the instant mail is broken.
  8. Zancon

    payement for elysium coins

    Log into the shop, click purchase coins, then click the smaller text PayPal link and use game codes.
  9. It does require a server restart - I believe only Stormrage received it so far.
  10. Zancon

    x2 xp token

    They are instant but you can only have 1 at a time. They do not stack and are unique per character.
  11. Zancon

    Character name flagged

    Names on the Nighthaven server had priority at the merge - any duplicated names on Nethergarde were flagged for a name change. We made a change yesterday to flag them as "#Rename" to make the characters more obvious to users that they need a rename.
  12. We just implemented a fix yesterday for this and it should have returned all mail and caused the duplicated nick names to say "#Rename" in character selection.
  13. Zancon

    Stormrage Faction Change

    All the leveling races have to be complete. All races, classes and faction. It probably will not release right away either, it will be a few days after.
  14. Zancon

    account banned??

    If you have been gone make sure you go back through our beginners guide a d have seup your install properly for private servers. Link in my signature below. Its written for vanilla but the principal's are and realmlist.wtf settings are the same with the TBC client.
  15. Zancon

    TBC Mail Bug?

    Have you renamed all your characters properly? Even ones that might exist on the "extra chars " realms. You can switch between the servers at character selection. We rename flagged all if them with "#Rename" now so it's more apparent. Have you also deleted your WDB folder to ensure you have the correct server cache?
  16. Zancon

    TBC: How to play!

    Most likely your realmlist.wtf isn't set correctly. If you have a vanilla install that's working and are trying TBC simply copy the realmlist.wtf filenfrom your vanilla install and paste it to your TBC folder and over write the one already there.
  17. Zancon

    Trouble finishing The Tome of Divinity quest

    Can you completely disable every addon you have just for this quest and see what happens? After reading through the reports - theres one with a dev response saying it's been tested and working. Given the amount of Paladins on the server I am guessing that an addonnifnsome kind is effectively stopping you from doing the quest.
  18. Zancon

    help bug

    GM's can help if you open an in game ticket by clicking the red "?" on your mini bar.
  19. Greetings! We are fully restarting the server to apply multiple crash fixes as well as fixes to the mail system and returning missing mail back to characters. We are also putting a fix in for guild charters. Apologies for the delay
  20. Zancon

    Thanks Elysium

    Thank you very much for the kind words, we really appreciate it when people take the time to say thank you!
  21. Were having extended downtime right now to fix multiple crash issues, return lost mail to senders and fix the guild charter issues. We hope the server stability maintains when we return live.
  22. Zancon

    Rollback.... 6 hours

    I appreciate the words, Scorlio. We do our best with the free time we have to work on the project.
  23. Zancon

    Boosting Server Population

    We will accept any verified transfers from LH should they offer them. We have reached out to that team several times without a response. We have no plans to shut down the Vanilla server. Players whom wish to play Vanilla don't always wish to play TBC as well.
  24. Are you sure you don't already have it in your inventory? I completed this quest just yesterday on my character. Make sure you right click it to start the next part of the quest. If you don't and you kill it again without getting the item please open a GM ticket in game.
  25. That's is an annoying yet funny issue. please report it to the github in my signature so the developers can look at it and fix.