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    Restored Character is rolled back.

    Unfortunately when our Anathema database was stolen, the folks who stole it also worked hard to delete and sabotage all of our backups. The database we were able to salvage for today's merge is as of September 27th, 2017. Any progress made after that date and all gear, materials, gold, levels, materials etc. Is gone forever. It was either that or all these characters were lost forever. Apologies for the bad news and any inconvenience but we salvaged absolutely everything we could.
  2. The character from Nighthaven will have first rights to the name, the other one from Anathema will automatically be given a free name change. It will not block or otherwise try to over wrote any characters already on Nighthaven.
  3. Zancon

    Can't Access Anathema Characters

    Theres some kind of an issue with accessing the extra chars realm right now. The team is aware of it and working to fix. Apologies for any inconvenience.
  4. Zancon

    New unexpected character in my account

    We merged our Anathema database into the server today. Just to clarify, you are saying you had never played on Anathema at any time in past couple of years and didnt have that character? Want to make sure I understand properly.
  5. Zancon

    Faction Change

    Were merging our previous server, Anathema database into Nighthaven right now. Server should be up in about 2 more hours.
  6. Zancon

    Best TROLL trio leveling + instances ?

    Since no one has replied, my opinion would be the Warrior, Mage, Shaman Combo of the two you listed. The shaman can off-heal but also DPS when needed and you don't have to worry about splitting much gear that drops. Totems are great utility. Also a shout to Warrior, Mage, Hunter Combo. Hunter pets can be very useful and hunters are legendary for their leveling speed. Things will die incredibly fast after level 10 when hunter has pet.
  7. Zancon


    Downtime was moved from yesterday to today in order to be less disruptive to raiding guilds and the server first Atiesh obtained yesterday.
  8. Zancon

    Cannot join server (Nighthaven)

    This is a planned shutdown of 4 hours in order to merged the Anathema database into Nighthaven. We have a forum announcement up here; https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/71967-anathema-update/ But since that announcement we moved from yesterday (Tuesday) to today (Wednesday) to make sure we accommodate the raiding guilds and the Atiesh server first yesterday. As always, the most up to date information is in our #announcements channel on discord. Link can be found below in my signature.
  9. Zancon

    Faction Change

    Did you follow all directions and create the level 1? If so, please submit a GM ticket in game so they can get you sorted.
  10. Zancon

    Are my characters still available?

    Yes they will be one server. No there isnt a way to access the Anathema database right now.
  11. Zancon

    Are my characters still available?

    That tineframe means they would be on Anathema. That server database is going to be merged into our current server, Nighthaven in the next day or so. The announcement will go out in our discord. Link in my signature, I hope you will join us!
  12. Zancon


    When we have the downtime there will be an announcement in discord. Link to discord is in my signature below!
  13. Zancon

    Disconnected from server error

    Strange WTF is addon and UI settings. So it seems like one of them got confused and was causing you to disconnect.
  14. Zancon

    Disconnected from server error

    Their isnt another realmlist to try or anything. You can try a VPN - theres something client side that is either disconnecting you or on your ISP that's disconnecting you. Have you tried a VPN yet?
  15. Zancon

    quest item

    You can try a GM ticket in game but odds are you will have to drop the quest and start it again. Be careful about items you remove.
  16. Zancon

    Lunar Fireworks quest Bugged?

    Please open a GM ticket in game. Open the ticket by clicking the red "?" On your minibar.
  17. Zancon

    Lvl 60 Undead Warlock

    Wait until the merge happens on Tuesday and log in with your nost account. Either your character will be there or it wont be. But everything we have before blizzard shut it down will be there. No way to tell if we have your character until then.
  18. Zancon

    Lvl 60 Undead Warlock

    Seems the development team were working on the PTR realm and may of been testing something else so it was down for awhile. From what I understand it is back up but without the Anathema characters fir now.
  19. Zancon

    Lvl 60 Undead Warlock

    What error did you get?
  20. Zancon

    CLUCK! egg did not spawn

    Please open in in game ticket and a GM can help you out. You open tickets by clicking the red "?" on your minibar.
  21. Zancon

    Lvl 60 Undead Warlock

    The most up to date information is posted in the announcements section of discord. Discord link is in my signature. With that said, the test merges to PTR1 were successful. You can log into PTR1 and check to see if your character is there. We expect to merge into Nighthaven on Tuesday and there will be about 3 hours of downtime.
  22. Zancon

    Can only view the game at base resolution.

    Do you have multiple monitors? Turn one off and see what happens.
  23. Zancon

    Can only view the game at base resolution.

    When you say "the screen disapears" are you saying the game force closes? What exactly is happening? This is a new issue I'm not sure I have seen before. I would like to understand a bit more.
  24. Zancon

    Can't log-in, says account closed

    You may not necessarily be banned, but use the link below and post in the ban forum to escalate the ticket to the GM staff so they can investigate. https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/65465-ban-appeals-read-first/
  25. Zancon

    Bugged Hunter Pet

    We try and be as blizzlike as possible, but its not always exact.