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    Constantly disconnected

    Have you recently tried clearing your cache by deleting your WDB folder? Try that first, if nothing improves you can also try to either disable your addons entirely and see if that helps. Alternatively, sometimes it helps to reset all your addons back to default by deleting your WTF folder.
  2. Lights Hope transfers are now OPEN Please click the link below to upload your character to the database! https://cp.elysium-project.org/main/transferlh We welcome all Lights Hope players to continue their adventures on Nighthaven! Stormrage transfers will be available in the future, but for now, they are still unavailable. We will make another announcement when transfers to Stormrage become available!
  3. Zancon

    Light's Hope Transfers are OPEN

    It's already in the comments and I'm sure I would forget to change it back 😞
  4. Zancon

    Light's Hope Transfers are OPEN

    It's still closed as the transfers are still causing issues on the realm.
  5. Zancon

    I live in china

    The server is reachable from everywhere, the physical location is France. You may just have to give it a shot and see how you ping, have fun!
  6. Zancon

    VanillaGuide does not show

    Where did you download it from? Have you tried a different source? It sounds like it was corrupted in some way.
  7. Zancon

    client do not open

    Did you follow every step to the beginners guide linked in my signature below? Have you successfully played here before? If yes to bother above questions it may be best to simply redownload and reinstall the client than it would be to try and diagnose any computer specific issues.
  8. I don't know the specific details in this case but if not banned than it is likely one or more characters were not multi boxed.
  9. Zancon

    Transfers from LH

    It is currently disabled because the data provided caused issues with the imported characters and our realm. We are working on fixes but I do not have a timeline available for when transfers will reopen.
  10. Zancon

    Transfer from Lighthope

    It is currently disabled because the data provided caused issues with the imported characters and our realm. We are working on fixes but I do not have a timeline available for when transfers will reopen.
  11. Zancon

    Question about Character Transfer

    Theres no way to do that. To enable transfers from other realms the realm owner would have to be shutting down. They would also have to make their database data available in a secured format suitable for us to import here.
  12. Zancon

    Transfers from LH

    It's a bug were looking at a fix for. Apologies for the inconvenience while we fix.
  13. Zancon

    Character Problems!!!

    Probably away for the holiday.
  14. Zancon


    Again, game and forum accounts are completely different. When you say you reset, you went through the main website and not the forums, correct? Then checked your email and followed all directions?
  15. Zancon

    Character Problems!!!

    Send a DM directly to Rain in discord. He gets about 300 a day so be patient. But Rain can look into this.
  16. Zancon

    IOS client 64 bit

    Theres no official support for mac with TBC. You would still be able to get it running using something like wine. You may have to take a look at some YouTube videos to see exactly how.
  17. Zancon

    sing in

    If you enter the wrong password 3 times in a short amount of time the system will temporarily ban you. If you reset the password directly after this it will also temp ban you. So make sure your careful to enter the correct password. If you are temp banned, please wait at least 1 hour before trying to sign in again or reset your password.
  18. Zancon


    If you think were going to ban everyone whom hurts your feelings on the internet allow me to inform you that will not be realistic. You PM'd me on this and I informed you to make an in game ticket so you have now posted it here. This post was unnecessary and the only way to handle in game issues is by in game ticket.
  19. Zancon

    bug with ress

    Spirit res by right clicking the spirit healer.
  20. Zancon

    Light's Hope Transfers are OPEN

    We have temporarily closed the transfers due to issues the file format the character data is causing. We will have another announcement when the issues are fixed.
  21. Zancon


    Forum accounts and game accounts are separate. If you reset through the site you must follow directions in the email it sends.
  22. Zancon

    TBC: How to play!

    Inactive accounts were transferred without gold. This was on purpose and you will have to earn gold.
  23. Zancon

    Character transfer Light's Hope to Elysium

    We have disabled it for the time being due to the imports causing issuee on our server. I dont have an ETA at this time for when it will reopen.
  24. Zancon

    Information entered is not valid

    We fixed it, apologies everyone!
  25. Zancon

    sing in

    We got it all fixed. Apologies to everyone!