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  1. Zancon

    Game problem

    It wouldn't be, something had to be a typo or the email didn't get verified or something. In the end I am glad you were able to get in the game. Have fun!
  2. Zancon

    Game problem

    The realmlist.wtf file should only have 1 line that says; set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org No quotes around it like what you have. Ensure you dknt have any additional spaces or returns in the file. Save and try to login again.
  3. Zancon


    All character copies were completed on August 8th 2019. There isn't another way to copy over - all progress was to the individual server from that date.
  4. Zancon

    Disconnect after loading from character selection

    navigate to your wow install folder and delete the folder named "WDB" to clear your cache. After that try and get in. If that doesn't work, next time you are in character selection try and disable all of your addons. If that doesn't work exit the game and delete the folder named "WTF" in your wow folder. Warning on the WTF, that folder contains all your addon settings and will put all addons back to default.
  5. Zancon

    Quest - Exorcising the Trees

    My fault, that is the one that is on the ground in the hut.
  6. Zancon

    Quest - Exorcising the Trees

    It's up in the trees you have to fight your way over to it
  7. Zancon

    Priest race in TBC

    Human is the better race in TBC
  8. Zancon

    cant login today - help !!!!!

    Servers should be back up and back to normal now.
  9. Zancon

    Unable to Connect - 12th Oct TBC

    Servers should be back up now, thank you for your patience.
  10. Zancon

    2017 Account is lost?

    Forum accounts and game accounts are different by design. Try another user name and password for the game. Also ensure your client is setup properly. Theres a link to our guide in my signature.
  11. Zancon

    I can't open the website store

    I think we had the shop down for a short time - try again and let me know if the error is still there.
  12. Zancon

    The character is not visible

    Development team made another change, try again now
  13. Zancon

    The character is not visible

    using your 1.12.1 wow client and ensure your realmlist.wtf is set to "set realmlist logon.elysium-project.org" ?? Then select the Nighthaven server ?
  14. Zancon

    The character is not visible

    Log in, your character was returned to your account
  15. Zancon

    The character is not visible

    Your fixed.
  16. Zancon

    Light's hope export data

    There's nothing for us to update on. The lights hope team never released any data. And when they do they are releasing it to users, not to other projects.
  17. Zancon

    The character is not visible

    In the user control panel, goto shop, then to edit character, then goto restore character. See if it's on that list. Theres 3 likely possibilities. 1. You have multiple accounts and simply logged into the wrong account. 2. Account was compromised and stripped/deleted. If this is the case the above check will see if its able to be restored. 3. Account was compromised and character was sold and moved off the account.
  18. Zancon

    new player

    Please see the beginners guide link in my signature and be sure you follow all of the steps.
  19. Zancon

    The requirement to rename char

    The older server takes priority on names. Not sure what fuzzy rules you mean but ask any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer them.
  20. Zancon

    Stormrage Faction Change

    I asked the team for an update on this, I dont have any new information at this time.
  21. Zancon

    Alliance - Horde character transfer

    Horde doesn't have paladins in vanilla. This is not possible.
  22. Zancon

    The character is not visible

    Are you positive that your account was here at Elysium? We dont have a character with that name in the database.
  23. Zancon


    We do not have plans at the moment to release one. Because of the way of progression and stagnating content eventually we will have to release one.
  24. Zancon

    All my gold is missing

    Just one point of clarity, there's no such thing as a recent transfer, all transfers were completed at once on 8/8/2019. This means whatever state your characters were in on that date is what got copied over to TBC. With that said, if you are sure the characters had gold on them send a PM to me with your email, account name and character name and I can have someone look into this.
  25. Zancon

    Character Transfer Issue

    Both of you please DM me your character names, email address and login name and I will get someone to look into it.