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[A] — EU | <Return> is recruiting!

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Currently recruiting:

x1 - Restoration Druid..
x4 - Rogues.
x3 Holy Paladins.
x2 Warlocks.
x4 DPS/Tank Warriors.
Current Raiding Schedule: Wednesday, Thursday - 19:30 – 23:00 PM CEST
Faction: Alliance
Loot system: Loot Council

8/8 Blackwing Lair 10/10 Molten Core & 1/1 Onyxia
All content cleared.

Previously on Nostalrius. - Blackwing Lair 8/8 - x2 a week. 
All current content cleared as well as having presence on PTR realms.

Below is a preview of our Raid Environment.
About Return:
Return was created during the first days of Nostalrius - WoW. With a very effective raiding schedule we've completed all current PvE content within two weeks. Aswell as running two inguild raid groups completing all the content (Consisting of ALTs and Trials.) We have a strong core that needs tending and we're now out on the market looking for potential elite players ready to embark on the new epic journeys ahead of us on Nostalrius.
What Return expects from YOU
But first...
- If you cannot atleast raid 2-4 days a week during progress, do not apply.
- If you constantly need to go AFK during raids, do not apply.
- If you do not want to min-max/theorycraft on your char, do not apply.
What we expect from you is dedication. This dedication should be reflected in your in-game and IRL character. What we would like to see is that your realmplayers-profiles show clear signs and proof of your dedication and commitment. If you can’t be bothered to max-out two professions or get the last 9000 reputation points for an exalted enchant, Return will not be the place for you. We expect you to attend at least 80% of the raids over a considerable lenght of time.
We also expect you to have an extremely positive attitude towards raiding in general. This doesn’t only consist of the willingness to loot a boss, but also the willingness to go the extra mile. Always having the best consumables at hand is expected. If you’d rather buy shiny things of the auction house rather than paying another rep-bill for a night of wiping, Return will not be the thing for you.
Essentially we expect you
- to always be prepared - for EVERY raid
- to be willing to wipe consistently in order to beat an encounter
- to focus 100% on the game during raid-times. As one once said, “turn off RL!”
What you can expect from Return:
- Stability: We’ve been raiding successfully for a long time (counting retail-history.) We have a very stable guild leadership with clear objectives and directions. We always maintain a long-term vision for the guild and for its members, therefore you will rarely find rash decision made here.

- Raiding: you are able to play with other high-class players and raid on an very high level and experience new content before it gets nerfed/overgeared.

- Fun: As said before, we are a social guild as well and have strong ties to each other. This mostly results in a lot of fun with each other and we strongly support social mingling!

Our Raid times: 19:30 – 23:00 - Wednesday, Thursday (more effective schedules will be in place during progress.) Again, if you cannot make these times, do not apply!
To apply, go to http://return-wow.enjin.com/ to submit your application and feel free to contact Sly (Deceitful) - in-game or via PM on our forums if you have any further questions. 
Other interesting media connected to the players in our guild.

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Bump! We have spots available for all classes at the moment. Contact Sly, Dollywog, Rakez or Kyudo in-game or comment in this thread for more information

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Bump.   We are still actively recruiting to round off our roster currently - particularly looking for holy paladins and priests!  Contact Sly, Dollywog, Trinus, Rakez or Kyudo in game for more information.

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Bump.  Currently DEing a lot of gear in MC, contact me / Rakez / Sly / Trinus in game if you want to get your hands on it instead.  60 minute runs.  At least one core spot available for all roles.

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Push.  We are currently 35mins MC, 89mins BWL. Currently have at least one core spot for all classes, particularly need fury warriors, mages, warlocks. 

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