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[A] <Synergy> Progressive PvE/Social | MC 10/10 Ony 1/1 BWL 8/8 | DKP

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Website - http://synergy-ed.shivtr.com/

Discord - https://discord.gg/3yx7y8G



Who are we?


We are a European majority guild with our core members average age group of 25-35. First established on the Emerald Dream private server clearing up to AQ20, Synergy has now been re-formed on Elysium PvP in search of a new beginning after raiding together on ED, Nostalrius and Kronos. Although we do not class ourselves as a hardcore guild, we're an enthusiastic bunch with a great deal of vanilla experience.  We have strong ambitions to clear end-game content efficiently once again, and plan to make this our last home for Vanilla WoW as a collective. Although primarily PvE orientated, regular PvP is consistent among a handful of players.


What are we looking for?


Whether you're new to vanilla or a seasoned veteran, Synergy is keen to have you! We are searching for active and mature players who show a keen interest in strengthening our community, and to progress with us through content as it is released by forging a strong, efficient raiding core. Social members are always welcome as we emphasize a friendly and social environment. We are currently searching for the classes highlighted below to join our primary raiding core, level 40+ social applicants are always welcome.

Current classes in demand;

Druid - Low
Hunter - Low
Mage - Low
Paladin - Low
Priest - Low
Rogue - Low
Warlock - Low
Warrior - Low


note; if your class is listed as CLOSED or LOW, please don't hesitate to apply. Social, leveling and exceptional applicants are always welcome regardless!


Raiding Info

Current raid times - Wednesday/Sunday 19:45 GMT +1 

Loot Distribution - DKP

Contact - Barrek, Beanzuh, Schiz, Vitalis

Blackwing Lair - 8/8

Molten Core - 10/10

Onyxia - 1/1

Latest MC Clear; 76 minutes


If you're searching for a friendly home on Elysium PvP and wish to experience end-game content in a relaxed environment, check us out on our website, join our discord, send me a PM here on the forums or just speak with a contact in-game.




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Hey folks!

The guild is up and running in-game, message Barrek, Wazte or Vitalis if you're interested.

Recruitment is open to those who join our discord or sign up on the site, particularly in need of active warlocks and rogues.

Happy leveling!

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On 12/22/2016 at 0:10 PM, Barrek said:


In need of Paladins, particularly those who will be active on release. Get in touch!

>active on release


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if people are on these forums there's a high chance they're not actually in-game because we'd be doing that instead of foruming like a faggot

good luck finding some pallies though

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Currently pvping in the 19 bracket to get some easy rep, we'll be leveling at a steady pace and pvping at each bracket. Come join us!

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I messaged one of the guild today about joining. I'm only a level 11 warrior but I had a level 60 rogue in vanilla that I raided MC with. 


I got a noted response, not sure what that means. 

Edited by M4rshall

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