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Cooking past 285?

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Are you supposed to be able to skill up cooking past 285 without the Desert Dumplings recipe from Silithus?

I might not have gotten to 300 back in the day before TBC opened, but I thought everything else went grey at 285 - I have gone all the way to 300 on just the standard recipes (the Desert Dumplings quest being FUBAR notwithstanding).

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Why do you need 300 Cooking ? Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops ?

Anyway, have a look at these recipes, they might not be as fast as Dumplings but I hope it could help anyway :

Recipe: Runn Tum Tuber Surprise - Requires 275 and 100% drop chance on Pusilin in DM:E

Recipe: Mightfish Steak - Requires 275 and you can buy it in Feralas for 2g

Then there are some lower level ones that you might already have :

Recipe: Nightfin Soup - Requires 250 and you can buy it in Tanaris for 2g

Recipe: Poached Sunscale Salmon - Requires 250 and you can buy it in Tanaris for 2g (same NPC than Nightfin)

There are also some information from Ownedcore on this thread (at the very end) that might be useful :

No go and speak to Vivianna in The Feathermoon Stronghold and buy the recipe for Mightfish Steak. Whilst your there buy about 40 Hot Spices and 40 Soothing Spices as your going to be making the food that you will want as a level 60 (without going into instances that is). It gives a +10 stamina buff for 15mins which is always helpful. 

Now go to Scalebeard's Cave in Azshara (its one of the islands to the East) and fish for Mightfish. You'll need about 30 to get your cooking from 275 to 300. You may need to bring some lures with you at this point, as your cooking will level up faster than your fishing and Azshara is a 250+ fishing zone. Once your cooking is a 300, keep fishing till you've maxed out that too. It will take 7 to 10 catches to get one skill up at this point, so take your time.

Good luck !

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Bloodgill fish is a easy one. It's much more common then mightfish,Nightfin,and Sunscale. But it is vendor loot unless your a hunter then it's pet food lol.

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