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[A] EU <Adept> Progressive Raiding: Recruitinng Now!

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About the Guild

Adept is a UK/EU Based guild in which will ultimately end up as a competitive raiding guild with a unique twist, The Guild is run by a council of original members with ultimately no *Guild Leader* In our previous experience on retail, vanilla gaming, kronos wow this has worked the best for us. Our primary goal is to form a community and reputation among the Elysium PvP Realm and Encourage lasting relationships, Unique Streaming Opportunities and Support for people who are looking for the entire vanilla experience playing this game by building a community. We will be clearing the content at a good rate of pace raiding 3 nights per week, We understand that most of the community work, Have children, and we believe with the right people we can make good progression with this pace with the right people.


Maintaining a solid team atmosphere is very crucial to us. We like to socialise during, before and after raids as well as off days. All of Adept’s current members are veterans with over 7+ year’s experience playing this game. We are Raiders, High Level PvP players and Streamers. We offer a type of flavour to our guild that others may not offer and we actively promote the community to be involved with activities including Streaming Events from a list of popular games. World PvP, and World Bosses including farm runs and Challenges.

If you are interested in this type of Experience, it is important to consider our Raid Schedule:

7:30pm – 10:00pm (GMT) (Farm Content)
7:30pm – 10:00pm (GMT) (Progression Night)
7:30pm – 10:00pm (GMT) (Progression Night)

*invites will go out 15:30 minutes prior to raid.

*Times May be extended by 30 minutes at the raid leader’s discretion or by majority vote.

Our Expectations:

- BE SOCIAL! , I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! Get on Discord and be active. Get to know your guildmates! This is mandatory. 

- Be Active on the forums, this is mandatory, we are not looking for mindless drones to raid, we aim to build a community. 

- 95% Raid Attendance, if you are unable to attend a raid, a post/notification is required as we dont want to wait for people who arent going to be attending.

- Bring Consumables: Food, elixirs, potions, Flasks for Raid Progression runs.

- Be Attuned to our highest progressed raid. 

- Bring the appropriate Resist gear (if applicable.

Our Loot System

Is a DKP based system as we award DKP(dragon kill points), this helps to promote attendance we all strongly believe if you put the effort it then you deserve to bid for the loot. Our current ranks for Elysium PvP is as follows:

Trials < Casuals < Raiders < Class Leaders < Guild Council

The System is assisted with very minor intervention from a loot council comprised of the Class Leaders. For example, if a player is rolling on an item which is not appropriate for their class, despite their DKP Standing the class leaders may rule to not give them item to said player. The loot council will be required to justify their decision with the player if they intervene in loot moderation.

Our Overall Expectations

As an Applicant of Adept, we expect you to have an understanding of how your character is played and you will be supported by your class leader to improve your standing, What items to look for help with BIS class guides, we aren’t looking for hot heads but rather mature fun, interested guild members. We expect that you can make our raid times with a Minimum of 1 Day per week and that you come to each raid prepared and on time. 

We Expect that you:

- Attain all required attunements for raids Well before the date of the raid. 
- Make a decent effort to get yourself geared to a satisfactory level prior to attending raids. We are not going to boost you, or hand you gear in raids, however we will support you.
- Present yourself in a respectable manner, no we do not want zombies, we want Good players, dank meme’s but no Ass hats. 
- We also require that you stay until the end of each raid until the raid has concluded. For raids that teams have voted to extend this is not a requirement.

Now i appreciate if you have managed to stay on this form this Long, and are interested in this type of experience why not  Apply 

If this sounds like the kind of guild you want to raid, meet new people, we’d appreciate you applying. Here is the link: http://adeptelysium.shivtr.com/

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Frank here, 

Our Guild will be streaming the launch directly from my channel so if you are interested in joining our: Livestream Shot Challenge be sure to check out our forum post. on the video section. as we are still recruiting DPS and Healers for Our Team Link is Above15910114_1321053497955635_328093546_n.jpg


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