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HACKED: Nostalrius pvp Hotnfrosty

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After waiting a bit on the elysium pvp realm, I logged in again at the Nostalrius PVP server where my level 60 mage was. Sadly I came to the conclusion that everything is gone on this character..... Problably hacked by goldsellers. Is there any chance of restoring my gear and items?
I got a authenticator on the account now but I wasn't following the news of elysium the last weeks, just waiting for the release of the new server.

Now maybe you think whas the problem you are playing on elysium pvp anyways.. Well my plan was always to still pvp a bit on my mage and play another class on the new server.

I hope to hear from you Elysium team,



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Well ye pff this really sucks, My bags haven't even changed after transfering them to Elysium.

And the password reset wont let me change my password, with the link I am directed to the control panel and nothing happens.

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