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[Request] Gatherer With Full Database

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As far as black lotus spawn points are concerned. 

I have checkout the database file and don't think it is correct for elysium. A large majority of the spawns points for black lotus that I have personally picked are not in this database. The spawns points in shaguDB (which is where you said you got some of the data points from) are identical to those on vanillagaming.org which is very different from what is used on elysium. 

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On 6/13/2017 at 1:41 PM, choccypuds said:

i just get constant Lua error messages with that database


I get an error when I open and close the map, but it still seems to work fine. Nodes show up on my world map and minimap in all the right places. I can configure gatherer, seems to more or less work with metamap. I just get a gather node error if I open and close the world map, but I can live with it since there's no routes addon for vanilla that I can find :D

Specifically the error, if anyone is interested, is:


[string "GetGatherMain 1600:OnLoad"]:2: attempt to index a nil value


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So replacing the Lua file with the one that came with Gatherer, i just get spammed with errors and gathere doesnt seem to work. Even if i replace the gatherer files with new ones, the errors just keep on flowing. wtf

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Thanks for the info all.


@ Muehe

There's some pool management as there are a couple of nodes that have multi-options.

Copper -> Tin
Tin -> Silver
Iron -> Gold
Mithril -> Truesilver

Same with the Swifthisle being available from Mageroyal.

You can add a count to gatherers nodes, which would offset what you see as the more likely item, but mapping that out's never going to be 100% accurate.
The full Elysium world DB is available on Github for you to have a look at;


@ Egor,

What areas have you pick 'missing' nodes, and have any of them shown up correctly? Might be there's something wrong with the black lotus imports as everything else I have seen around the zones (up to about 35 as I level) seems to align. Be interested if there are any other items that are playing up.


@ Sobreta, @ choccypuds

I'll have a look into that null value bug, I started getting it too, but it still seems to work. Might be a limitation of too many items to display. If that's the case I will need to tweak the gatherer add-on to cope.


@ MrMeerkat

You are copying over the gatherer.lua into ..\WTF\Account\#username#\SavedVariables and not  ..\Interface\AddOns\Gatherer?

I would;

- Delete gatherer from the addons folder
- Download both files
- Unzip the addon to the addons folder (..\Interface\AddOns\Gatherer)
- Unzip the and overwite database file (gatherer.lua) to the saved variables (..\WTF\Account\#username#\SavedVariables)

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I love this, but I'm experiencing a disturbing amount of crashes (mostly when opening / closing the world map) with the nodes active on worldmap. A /reload is enough to fix the problems until next crash.

I've tried deleting gatherer and the database, and add both again from this thread but the issue is still there.

Any tips?

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I disabled world map nodes and haven't had errors. One thing I did notice, if it's any help, is when world map nodes are toggled on, when I close the world map one of the nodes is still there on the screen and mousing over it causes a lua error. Sorry for not screenshots, I will try to get one today if I can get it to happen again.

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