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My pet hasa stopped using his skills !!!

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I am a 56 Hunter. My 55 wolf pet has stopped using Growl, Dash, and Furious Howl - he still uses Bite. I just noticed this today. Yes, they are all active. I can manually click on one and he will cast it. Earlier today I re-specced his skills to upgrade him to Bite 7. The only other thing that is different is that I am hunting Frostsabers in Winterspring, all of which are higher level than both of us. I flew to Ashara to try some lower level mobs. I killed several greens, and the same thing was true - he uses Bite, but not Growl, Dash, or Furious Howl. I have re-logged, Dismissed him, etc. He has even died a few times against the big cats (you don't think he is scared, do you...haha). I have had him for 20 or 30 levels. He is Loyalty Level 6 - the highest. I have no idea why this started happening or what to do about it.

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