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  1. JaggedOne

    Need help with this macro plz

    No, castsequence requires you to press the key assigned to the macro for every spell in the list. I am looking for a way to execute more than one spell with a single keypress. I am beginning to think it is not possible....:( Thanks for your reply !!!
  2. JaggedOne

    Need help with this macro plz

    That sounds logical. Is there a way to do a wait in a macro ? If not, then I guess you can only do a single command in a macro.... EDIT: still looking for a reply if this is possible....:)
  3. I found this macro somewhere on the net, and I really like it: #showtooltip /petattack /cast Hunter's Mark /startattack It works fine. Later I decided it would be nice to lead off with an Aimed Shot, so I made this macro: #showtooltip /cast Hunter's Mark /cast Aimed Shot /petattack When i execute this macro, the Hunter's Mark is cast and my pet attacks, but the shot doesn't fire, and I get "The ability is not ready yet". I also hear my character's voice say "I cannot do that yet". I tried putting "/stopcasting" after each /cast, but it didn't help. What am I doing wrong, or can you just not do this ?
  4. JaggedOne

    Missing pet skills ?

    I was in Org and on a whim I clicked on the pet trainer. I recently hit level 60, and there were several new skills. So I bought 3 (8.5g each of my puny epic mount fund....ouch). Each time I got a line in the chat box: "You have learned a new spell: Fire Resistance (Rank 5)" "You have learned a new spell: Natural Armor (Rank 10)" "You have learned a new spell: Great Stamina (Rank 10)" Nothing on my cat increased, so I figured I had to train him in the new ones. But when I went to the spellbook, they were not there. Then I realized that while I was now level 60, my cat is still level 59. Is this the reason ? I can understand if maybe I couldn't train these until he hits 60, but I was surprised that I couldn't find them listed anywhere after I bought them. Excuse my ignorance....I just started playing this toon again after a loooooong break....:)
  5. JaggedOne

    TBC: How to play!

    Zancon, thanks for all your help. I got the TBC version installed and working. Except for one really weird thing..... Every one of my 7 toons (4 Horde and 3 Alliance) have exactly 100.00.00 gold each now !!! This includes 2 of my Horde toons that had over 100g each (one had 163.74.70 and the other had 151.40.69) and even the two poorest toons, neither of which had managed to accumulate one full gold yet (0.10.53 and 0.40.84). I realize that I actually came out ahead on paper, but my 59 Hunter needs the 63g she lost for buying skills, esp. with 60 coming up, and clearly something's just not right. Zancon, can you give me any idea of what's going on, or how to fix it, or.....something ?? EDIT: I disabled all addons....no difference. 😞
  6. JaggedOne

    TBC: How to play!

    Hello !!! I have downloaded the WoW TBC 2.4.3 client package per step 1 above. The resultant file was a 7.75 GB file with a .7z extention. I downloaded 7zip and can read the file now.... Step 2 says "Once installed..." I'm not sure how to install it. Do I install it over my existing Elysium WoW directory, or in a new directory all its own, leaving the original directory as is (in case I wanna go back) ?
  7. JaggedOne

    Can't connect !

    Yes, at login....I enter my password and hit Connect....it trundles for a bit and comes back and says "disconnected from server" every time. I never get to my character selection screen. I had read that changes were necessary to play on the TBC server, but I was not aware that I had to do anything to just keep on playing like I have been all along..... ---------------------------------- UPDATE: for some reason, my .wtf file pointed to lightshope. I changed it back to elysium.project, and was able to connect, but to a blank screen. I chose "USA", and was presented with a choice of servers. The only choices that were not greyed out were "Nighthaven", "Nighthaven - Extra chars #1", "Nighthaven Extra chars #2", and "PTR #1". The Nighthaven - Extra chars #1 was the only choice that showed existing characters under the "Characters" column - it showed (5), which was the correct number of existing characters for me best I remember. So I chose that one, and was presented with an empty character selection screen (despite the -5- in the characters column for that server). So I have successfully connected to (something), but am no nearer being reunited with my existing characters than when I originally opened this thread..../sigh ----------------------------------- Update #2 (lol): Ok, I went back and chose "Nighthaven". Depite the "Characters" column being empty, now I have all my characters back (which totaled 7, not 5, so no clue what that 5 was unders the Extra chars #1 server). So I guess at this point, all is well.....
  8. JaggedOne

    Can't connect !

    I haven't played Elysium WoW in a couple months. Today when I tried to sign on, I just get "disconnected from server" over and over. Is the server still up ? In maintenance atm perhaps ?
  9. Ah, ok. Well, I was just going by the latest announcement on the web page, which was dated 11-14 and said Stratholm would be available in 24-72 hrs. Guess that has been delayed. Thanks for your response !!!!! UPDATE: I discovered I needed to change my realmlist.wtf file from elysium-project to lightshope. That did the trick...now all is as it was !!!!
  10. Sorry, been away from the game for several weeks. Read the notice on the main Elysium page (elysium-project.org) dated 11-14-17 that said Anathema, Darrowshire and Elysium are being merged into one realm (Stratholm). Clicked on "Restore Characters" at top of page. It correctly listed my 5 chars from Darrowshire and my 2 chars from Anathema. But when I try to transfer them, I get "elysium-project.org says Server Error" on each char. So I log into the game. The only servers displayed are Nighthaven and "Player Test Realm x 10" So....what is going on ? I don't know why the Stratholm server is not showing up. Did it crash ? Did things change ?
  11. I am a 56 Hunter. My 55 wolf pet has stopped using Growl, Dash, and Furious Howl - he still uses Bite. I just noticed this today. Yes, they are all active. I can manually click on one and he will cast it. Earlier today I re-specced his skills to upgrade him to Bite 7. The only other thing that is different is that I am hunting Frostsabers in Winterspring, all of which are higher level than both of us. I flew to Ashara to try some lower level mobs. I killed several greens, and the same thing was true - he uses Bite, but not Growl, Dash, or Furious Howl. I have re-logged, Dismissed him, etc. He has even died a few times against the big cats (you don't think he is scared, do you...haha). I have had him for 20 or 30 levels. He is Loyalty Level 6 - the highest. I have no idea why this started happening or what to do about it.
  12. JaggedOne

    Cannot whisper

    What is "wr" ? And why does it use a dot instead of a slash ? I have played WoW for 10 yrs and have never heard of "wr". When I do /help it does not mention a "wr" command. Where can I get a list of these commands ?