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Attack Table clarification

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The attack table is slightly confusing for me. You have your mitigations first, then crit>crushing blow>regular. I think crushing blow is 15% on a target 3 levels higher, right? Because of the way avoidance works one would need 102.6% to be uncrushable with 440 defense because crits were removed from the table increasing the regular hit % by the amount removed.

So if one were to have 97% avoidance one could only be hit by criticals and blocks without extra defense. If that is the case then one would only need 67% avoidance with redoubt filling in to remove any possibility of followup crushing blows. 35% block from holy shield, 5% base parry, ~5% base dodge, and 5% base miss chance leaves only 17% more avoidance needed to be uncrushable. If one could forgo the cooldown reduction on judgement they could make that just 12%.

If I'm getting this all right, then I think it would be beneficial to forgo defense on blockable enemies and push for that extra 12-15% avoidance.

Am I thinking about this the wrong way?

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I am not really sure about that, but i would love to see how a normal attack table on a level 60 player from a boss looks like? Is it 59.4% hit 5.6% crit 15% Crushes 5% block 5% parry 5% dodge 5% miss? And if that is like that, would 1% of parry/dodge/block equal 8.3 defense rating? So say if i get the charm that increases my dodge by 2% would i need 16.6 defense less to be crit immune? Does every % of parry that we skill needs us 8.3 defense rating less? If not why is that?

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From what I can tell from the googling I've done crit is higher on the attack table than crushing blows.




Glancing blow



Crushing blow


25 defense = 1% miss and 1% less chance to be crit.

If what I read is correct your scenario is not true as you would need 97% Total avoidance for that extra dodge to start pushing the crit off the table. From what I understand defense replaces the crit chances on the table with extra regular hit %. So that 59.4% hit you mentioned becomes 65% when at +140 defense (defense soft cap for crit immunity). I hope it clarifies.

My scenario above described what I believe to be an ideal scenario as it still let's you be crit while redoubt is active to proc more redoubts keeping crushing blows off the table. Of course this scenario might be wrong because I can't get any confirmation that this is how the attack table actually works.

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