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Picking a realm

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Hey, I'm deciding wether I should play on Elysium or Anathema, I've looked through other posts but they are pretty outdated so I'm starting a new thread.
The reason I'm posting on Anathema is because the lower population somewhat appeals me more than a crowded server. However I'd like to be able to run through leveling dungeons and, once I'm 60, to possibly go through most of the raiding content ( I don't care about progression, I just wanna do the content I don't mind getting carried at the start). So basically, am I betting right on stiking with Anathema?
Also, secondary question, will I do fine to experience content (as in ease to find a group) as a warlock or I'm better off with, say, a Druid (don't mind healing or "tanking")?

Thank you in advance!

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1 hour ago, Hurricane2 said:

Sounds like anathema is the right choice for you and warlock as well.  

I'm still pretty torn between lock and druid tho. Are they both equally easy to get into content (dungeons raid) on the alliance?

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