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Iffy Pet?

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A few things:

Is the pet 'happy/sad' Icon bugged? When i tame my first pet, it starts off with the green happy face, i have no idea if it is truly happy or not.

When questing in Durator, i jumped down a into a gully, to find my pet struggling to find me, and he just disappeared on me, now its saying i have no pet, i wasted tons of meat on the ungrateful git, is this normal?



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Pets aren't happy when just tamed. I wouldn't be. Unless I get some nice food! You use some ui frames addon? Might be something bugging and displaying happiness incorrectly. Try disabling addons.

Pets will disappear when too far away. But you should be able to just call it again unless it got really hungry and went home. If you can tame a new pet he left, if not and you can't call it something is bugged.

I personally have never had any pet disappearing on me if happy.

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