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  1. TheDruidCode

    Tabard of Second Chance

    Third you mean. Second would be after the first LGN drama.
  2. I think the Crestfall servers will be very populated. At least for vanilla. The vanilla community don't want to go tbc and when elysium tbc opens and a large chunk of people go there and the rest are done with naxx we will want new and fresh. And if Crestfall delivers the expected quality I see no reason for people to play anywhere else. But there's still the big IF.
  3. I would suggest going Elysium tbc and then IF we ever get to see Crestfall you switch over. Crestfall tbc isn't going to happen for years and you might just wait and wait for nothing.
  4. TheDruidCode

    Turning ruined scraps into leather

  5. TheDruidCode

    higher server cap for elysium?

    Would think the cap is there for server stability so no not really an easy fix.
  6. TheDruidCode

    Is there always a que?

    Been short queue sometimes during last weekends prime time. Not this bad as it was tonight. Had to eat ice cream and watch tv instead of losing AV.
  7. https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/56738-i-cant-join-warsong-gulch/
  8. TheDruidCode


    Well it says: "DO NOT USE THIS ADDON!" so I guess you shouldn't use it.
  9. TheDruidCode

    No WDB/Cache-Folders

    Where exactly are you looking for these folders?
  10. If we ever see Crestfall I'll try it out. Otherwise I'll hang around vanilla here probably if nothing better comes out.
  11. TheDruidCode


    Check out PfQuest. Shagus new improved ShaguQuest. Awesome stuff.
  12. TheDruidCode

    Cannot connect

    Wait. Check their Discord or twitter for server status updates.
  13. TheDruidCode

    Another AV lose fest

    Yar, if they closed the backdoor Alliance should win 90% of the games. Which they wouldn't. And that would be really embarrassing. So good thing we at least got something to blame it on now.
  14. TheDruidCode

    Another AV lose fest

    I sorta agree with this part. But to me it's not a map/server/backdoor problem. It's a player problem. Typical Alliance AV: 10 on defense. 10 on offense. The rest doing whatever. "We can't win! Fix backdoor! Buhuuu". We can't win if we ain't trying.
  15. TheDruidCode

    Gnome Warlock Imp Quest Issue...

    Done that multiple times and it worked just fine for me. Sure you're killed novices? There's some in the cave. Not the ones outside. You could always try deleting wdb folder and see if that might help.