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A channel for stealth runs

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On Darrowshire, my server, there's a mostly inexistant stealth runs community (i did some, tho, but mainly with some friends/guildies - no one ever ask for in world chat).

So i created the channel "stealthruns", in a hope to change that (/join stealthruns).


Some runs (feel free to add yours) : 

- farming the rare in BRD (geared/skilled rogues can solo it, i suppose, but i can't with my druid, so i duo it, until he dropped the recipe)

- farming the gems in LBRS (the troll can be killed in 5min - for the full run -, with no needed fight in between. It's a piece of cake in prebis gear - again, with my tank druid, and any healer. The oger is a bit more dangerous, because of his adds, but still can be duo. I did not even tried the last boss - i never been able to make a stealthed run with more than 2 peoples)

farming the dusty tomes

- i plan to farm the Warder Stilgiss in BRD (nobody ever goes there, unfortunately : he drops the BiS dps shoulders before AQ).

- the ghosts in the first room of Scholo, for the recipe (well, not stealthed, actually, as you have to kill most of the packs - but you can duo it with a healer, and some rogue said me, with a very good gear he can solo them)

- Lord Incendius in BRD (i still can't solo it... but Rubix did it)

- the barman in BRD, for the engineering recipe

Zul Farrak (i don't know what gear have that guy, but with my slightly above preBiS tank gear, this boss kills me 100% - also, the scarabs are mostly empty, and can't be skinned)

Sunken Temple (edit: it's totally different on our server. I can't cope solo with all the non elite serpents - the elites are weak, tho. I suppose a prot paladin can solo that event)

- a lot more i forget

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I like stealthruns. Gonna join with my tank/dd and tell my guildies. You should regularly post in  /world & /lfg too.

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I do that :)

Just 2 or 3 times a day, i don't want to flood classes that don't care about that.

We need healers ^^

That's allways the missing element in a stealth run, so far.

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You can 3 man Rattlegore + most of the mini-boss rooms before Gandling in Scholo for Bone Ring Helm/Cadaverous. One reasonably geared bear tank, 1 cat/rogue, and 1 resto druid in mediocre gear can do the run.

The route is as follows:

  1. Kill the four guards at the start of the dungeon. Stealth, then jump down and to the left off the railing closest to the dungeon entrance. Land on the little ledge. Having Feral Instinct (+stealth level) talent for this is pretty much mandatory. Only 1 person should do this for now.
  2. Stealth up to the gate and wedge yourself right into the corner. Wait for the patrols to be far away (on both sides), then open the gate. You should be able to restealth in time. When the gate is open, everyone else jumps down.
  3. Stealth to Rattlegore and kill him. Loot the key.
  4. Convert to raid and camp out of the instance. Zone back in, and move over to the ledge where you can drop down to the Viewing Room door. Do the "Vanish pull" trick to move all the trash away from the door so the key holder can open it without getting aggro. If you don't have a rogue, just let someone suicide pull it (to prevent mobs bugging at the dungeon entrance).
  5. Walk over to the minibosses. It's possible to kill all of them, but I usually skip the slow detonating zombie room (top left), and the Occultist room (top right). Lord Alexei Barov can be skipped too if your party is undergeared.
  6. Reset and repeat until you get the Cadaverous pieces you need!

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Great run :)

But why the "convert to raid" part ?

When i duoed the gems in lbrs, we just alt-f4, wait 5mins, log back in. It did the same as /camp on a solo run (i don't know how these things works, tbh, i just did them).

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Here's another good one to farm Ilyanna Ravenoak in DM West. I've used this to "sell" random people in world chat a pair of Padre's Trousers. You need 1 Druid in relatively good healing gear, and 1 feral Druid or 1 well-geared Rogue. The 3rd "carry" doesn't need to be a stealth class for this to work:

  1. The person who needs the drops, if they can't stealth, can very carefully maneuver through the courtyard towards the ramp leading down to the big tree without pulling anything. Once there, that person runs into the southwest Undead area and dies in the corner. Don't release spirit. If they can stealth just have them come with you.
  2. Go all the way upstairs and park in the southwestern corner of the causeway - behind the tree planter.
  3. When Ravenoak gets close, the resto druid pops out to aggro her. Sleep the Bear, and keep a close eye on the sleep timer.
  4. The Rogue/Feral engages Ravenoak and you kill her. Stay away from each other to avoid the AoE stun/trap, and keep sleeping the bear. If you're healing a rogue, have them bring health pots in case you get stunned. You'll also want your innervate off cooldown.
  5. When she dies, master loot the item to the dead player who is directly underneath you. Ta-da!

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22 hours ago, insearchofthe said:

If you convert to raid you can all immediately /camp and log back in instantly without losing your instance lock and/or teleporting someone to their hearthstone location.

Thx for that very usefull info :)

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