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Addressing rumors regarding possible Anathema & Elysium merge

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Dear community,

Recently, posts and topics have been circulating regarding a possible Elysium & Anathema merge. We would like to debunk these rumors.

Due to our respect to Nostalrius and its community, we have no plans of merging these two realms anytime soon. Anathema, historically, is a very important realm, and will remain untouched in its original state as the oldest progressive Vanilla realm. Anathema has a very unique and dedicated community, which we do not believe would boast well with Elysium. Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for our players and thus we believe that a merge would negatively impact a large chunk of our community.

In conclusion, any speculation and memes about it's supposed death will only damage the realm and its dedicated community and thus, we will no longer tolerate these sort of posts or messages on our official platforms.

Anathema isn't going anywhere and we will continue to work to make the gameplay on it more attractive and enjoyable.

As of right now, this is our final statement on this subject.

Lots of love,
Elysium Staff.

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