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autoloot is bugged?

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i've seen AT LEAST 5 blue world drops in the fast loot table and when i check my loot chat it does'nt say i looted it, and its not in my bag, same thing happens from time to time when i skin (with shift+mouse1) loot

i contacted a GM he told me he could do nothing for me, and i should seek help here.

and when i say at least 5 blue world drops that what i'm 100% sure of, i don't even wanna think about what i havnt gotten because of that bug.

my game is clean installed.

first and foremost i write this because i cannot play with this loot disapearing anymore, my heart is breaking.

second, is there any chance of me actualy getting the items i fairly should've gotten but did'nt caus of bug?

i really hope for a fast answer and a helpfull one.
this is REALLY making me sad 


lastly i just want to add, that the item just disapears because i have been able to skin the mob afterwards sometimes, where the item goes, only god knows.

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There is no auto loot in vanilla. If you mean shift-clcick, it can cause errors if the the server lags a little. It rarely happens. 

No, you can not retrieve missed/lost loot items. 

No good news. It's one of the limitations of private servers.

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